I want my prize.

2021.11.28 20:03 sandweiche I want my prize.

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2021.11.28 20:03 darlin133 The City of Waukesha asks you to “unite with a blue light,” in support of the Xmas Parade Victims.

The City of Waukesha asks you to “unite with a blue light,” in support of the Xmas Parade Victims. submitted by darlin133 to pics [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:03 moonbeee Regirock on me 6098 9617 1766

Be online pls
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2021.11.28 20:03 mango4everdo 👜 TRENDY 👠 | Anonymous luxury shopping 🛍️ | 💎 Low mcap | No pump and dump | Redistribution and buyback

💎 $TRENDY, the token you can spend to buy original and certified Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton bags and accessories, without having to convert the tokens into FIAT currency. All sent to your home or to any place you wish, completely anonymously.
Redistribution: 2%
Buy-Back: 6%
Marketing: 3%
Total supply: 1 Trillon
Holders: 200 (You Are Early!!!)
Transparent and sincere devs!
Website: Trendy.Finance
ECommerce: TrendyStore Open Beta
Reddit: TrendyToken
Join us on Telegram: @ TrendyToken
Instagram: Trendy.Finance
Twitter: TrendyToken
BSCScan: BSCScan
Dextools Chart: Dextools Chart
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All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.
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2021.11.28 20:03 Realistic-Type-2722 My slave name 😂

How does reddit come up with these auto-generated names for niggas? I had to learn to love my name "Realistic-Type-2722"... I mean, yeah im real, but what is "2722"? Is that my set? 😂😂😂😂
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2021.11.28 20:03 WorleyG Wait for them to collect or deliver?

I took a parcel in for my neighbour recently and after almost a week I still have the package. We don’t know much about them. They keep themselves to themselves. Declined my offer to mow their lawn while mowing mine etc. Don’t wave back when we say hello. They have taken parcels in for us before and we have collected from them.
How long do I leave it before I deliver it?
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2021.11.28 20:03 LysitheaPepsiAddict Bridal Tharja (Forma) C-Skill Suggestion

Bridal Tharja
-PRF +Effect -Rally Up Atk+ -Ruptured Sky
-Atk/Spd Unity -Null Follow Up 3 -Joint Drive Atk (current) -(Interchangeable Seal)
Any suggestions are appreciated.
View Poll
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2021.11.28 20:03 AwayHornet6581 Ищу друзей

I have been learning Russian for a little while and heave reached the point where I need to practice my conversation skills. I have a PlayStation 4 and play most big games. If anyone wants to play and practice Russian or English, please let me know :)
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2021.11.28 20:03 Ghostlystrike Skyrim, mods, and ultrawides.

Basically, I got a G9(yay me) and I got Skyrim SE and got some mods to play ultra wide. When I try to play, it does not move to the ultrawide resolution. Real simple right?
Well I already went into the ini and changed the values to 3440x1440, yes BOTH of them the one in MyGames and the one in Steam folder. And still nothing changes.
I think I got a clue when I tried to run Skyrim straight through Steam and the resolution worked, but my mods didn't.
So I'm using ModOrganizer2(like all the rest of us) and all of my mods work fine. I am also using SKSE and that works fine as well. I don't have any crazy mods, just some retextures. But when I run Skyrim with all my mods using ModOrganizer2, it refuses to change to the resolution I have edited it the ini's to.
I supposed I could run Vanilla Skyrim with the 3440x1440 resolution, but I want my mods. When I try to run my mods it puts my resolution back to 2560x1440.
Has anyone had this issue?
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2021.11.28 20:03 Candid-Pass-1652 Ether mining in future?

I have recently started mining on my gaming rig (1660ti/3800xt) and have been enjoying the profit and how easy it is.
I have been trying to get a 3080 for gaming but now I am seeing the reality of how profitable cards are so I am thinking about getting a 3080ti for gaming/mining and just recouping the insane mark up on the cards (hmm wonder why?) by mining.
My plan now is to put the 3080ti into my BUILT gaming rig and build a “cheaper” but still game ready tower for my 1660ti so I could mine with both cards and have two PCs (one for my at home game rig and one micro atx to be more mobile and be used for whatever)
My questions are, how “future proof” is graphics card mining looking right now in general, and how long would it realistically take for me recoup the $2100ish with a 3080 ti and 1660 ti. From my research 8-12$ a day would be reasonable but I am unsure.
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2021.11.28 20:03 hellyeahdude38 Boosie is a contender for craziest poster of all time

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2021.11.28 20:03 DDOEEY123 What the bug.....😥 I lost 10 points by bug on day 3

What the bug.....😥 I lost 10 points by bug on day 3 submitted by DDOEEY123 to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:03 BossAtCICO Just got Forza 5, Want a wheel.

I just got a forza 5, it is my first EVER racing game. I have played a couple hours but I really want to race with a wheel, I also have a VR so I think it could be fun. I have heard that ThrustMaster is the way to go from some people but logitech others. Does anyone have a suggestion? Again I just got forza a couple hours ago, I want a wheel that has feedback and resistance but I just wanna have some fun
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2021.11.28 20:03 lukepatty Motorola Radio?

Not exactly sure what this is. Believe it’s an older ham radio. My great grandfather was in the Civil Air Patrol and has logs of messages from WW1
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2021.11.28 20:03 Ok-Distribution-6402 The Remington Barn

The Remington Barn This is my watercolor painting of the Remington Barn on East Woodmen Road. It was originally built in 1883 and was recently demolished. I have prints of it available in my new Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1128867933/the-remington-barn?ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1&crt=1
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2021.11.28 20:03 justianbro Congrats Ginga Army

Congrats Ginga Army
After 1day of launching, Ginga has broken the All Time High and has entered in price discovery one more time! ⭐️

We're grateful with you, we're working hard on the BNB Mixer which will go live very soon, and much more on the way! 🔥

You can also find Ginga on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap!

🟢 https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ginga-finance

🟢 https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ginga-finance/

🟢 Buy on Pancakeswap (Use 6%+ Slippage to buy):

🟢 Check out the chart in Dextools:

🟢 Website
🟢 Dashboard
🟢 Mixer
🟢 Telegram
🟢 Announcements Channel
🟢 Twitter
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2021.11.28 20:03 Redroses19 Use this code!! Up to $500 bonus cash and free digs in cash miner 💰💰💰

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2021.11.28 20:03 Full_Cap_2833 New guns on way

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2021.11.28 20:03 Barbie_and_KenM My winter jacket is so old, it has a "dumb phone" pocket and a separate ipod pocket. Both are too small to fit a modern smartphone.

My winter jacket is so old, it has a submitted by Barbie_and_KenM to mildlyinteresting [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:03 COMPUTER1313 THE most profitable war I've seen so far

THE most profitable war I've seen so far submitted by COMPUTER1313 to civ [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:03 zlane0104 Regice 1775 5140 3632

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2021.11.28 20:03 micaholism Anyone tried the new Cave Strat meta???

Saw some people in karman station trying out a new meta in speedbat, by going into the cave at the bottom of the map
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2021.11.28 20:03 ItalianFun People of Reddit, what is something nice you own?

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2021.11.28 20:03 Thunderanddespair Epiduo irritation

So I’ve been using Epiduo forte for about 6 months, my acne has been better than ever almost completely clean. However it seems that the more I use it, the more irritatin it is. I applied the same moisturizer today that I’ve used for about 2 months after Epiduo and the irritation it’s almost unbearable. I don’t understand why suddenly this past month my skin cannot bare to use anything after applying Epiduo. I even wait 30 minutes after epi to apply moisturizer.
I don’t know what to do, I don’t what to stop Epiduo because it’s honestly the only thing that has worked for me after 12 years of chronic acne.
The moisturizer I’ve been using is cicaplast by roche posay
Would truly appreciate help, thank you so Much!!
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2021.11.28 20:03 wiiqwertyuiop [23F] Is this ringworm?

I work in a grocery store and couple days ago I was working the register. I didn't realize it at first, but at some point I seemed to have cut my hand a little, and once I noticed it went ahead and washed and bandaged it. The cut healed fine before it started looking like this, but then today my manager suggested it looked like ringworm, but I wanted to get more opinions.
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