4snaa f3zdy a685h k2ey6 k9ib3 e2a2b fntzn t5dd8 3e4z8 99zet sss4t f7fft hr84a ki6sr 4ezt4 ys3ez hzd4n 29i6f 5dz47 2best yh3f4 🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army! Lets save DeFi and the Cryptoverse Togeather! Join Us! |

🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army! Lets save DeFi and the Cryptoverse Togeather! Join Us!

2021.11.28 20:27 Revolutionary_Yak850 🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army! Lets save DeFi and the Cryptoverse Togeather! Join Us!

🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the #1 DeFi Token in Crypto. Lets do this! Get that Cheddar!
🌐Website: https://www.aquashiba.cc
📱Telegram: https://t.me/AquaShibaCoin
🐤Twitter: https://twitter.com/AquaShibaCoin
🌐BSC Scan: https://bscscan.com/token/0x37B8996C92f9143aE82183280b120a3499Ab0b3C
Liquidity is locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xabAF6f50Ac9219B9E19e35D97773294Aa6141e10
Contract Ownership is Renounced: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xb7604d35e9873e076060b4f87d6ce70df13e039e84fd0106a0e227d95ad0187a
📝Contract: 0x37B8996C92f9143aE82183280b120a3499Ab0b3C
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Aqua Shiba has assembled his greatest generals to form the Royal Atlantian Marketing Council to market our token far and wide by advertising via multiple avenues such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Token Listing sites, and much more.
The Bounties of Aqua Shiba's Heroic Campaign will be shared with all his loyal hodlers via Heroic Reflection Rewards, Token Airdrops and Community Awards and Prizes.
Our Tokenomics are as follows:
Auto-Liquidity: All Aqua Shiba transactions contribute 7% to our liquidity pool ensuring price stability, sustainable growth for all his Aqua Shiba investors. Multiple liquidity pools and stable coins parings with BUSD & USDC will be added as our community grows.
Safe & Secure: Aqua Shiba puts the safety and security of his Army as his top priority and has ordered that Contract Ownership be Renounced at launch & 100% of Liquidity be Locked, therefore, ensuring that his token is decentralized and no individual, group, or entity has control over his royal token and ensuring safety and security for all his investors.
Heroic Reflections: All Aqua Shiba holders will observe their token balance grow through Reflection Rewards at intervals as the community grows. This function will allow holders to effectively earn interest over time and will scale as the community grows.
Heroic Marketing: Aqua Shiba has formed the Royal Atlantian Marketing Council which will utilize the Royal Atlantian Treasury of which 3% of every transaction is contributed to launch a Marketing Campaign covering multiple avenues such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Token Listing sites, and much more. Aqua Shiba is going to save the entire crypto world and rain riches down on his loyal soldiers!
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2021.11.28 20:27 bevinden8v 📣 OUR BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT! 📣

💯 Voted as the next 100X token. Buy $MONEY and become a citizen of hodlvalley.com! 💯
⏱ IDO is 12/3 and the Listing on Uniswap and Pancakeswap is 12/10​ ⏱
DeFi + GameFi + NFTs
Telegram: https://t.me/officialhodlvalley
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2021.11.28 20:27 UnImportantNerd If you were immortal, how would you spend the rest of eternity?

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2021.11.28 20:27 FrancisPhotography Second best photo of my brother's kitty (Rascal)

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2021.11.28 20:27 jequalnation How can I help my maze plant? I water it sparingly, and it hasn’t grown since I got it, even after a repotting.

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2021.11.28 20:27 M1N3K0 We talk about lime here

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2021.11.28 20:27 Ok-Organization-7232 The Park Affect

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2021.11.28 20:27 doglover991 advice needed

my spouse’s job requires relocation about every 3 years. MIL and FIL bought a camper so they can move around with us wherever we go. at first we thought they were joking, but they are being 100% serious. they look at houses, apartments, and land that are available wherever we move. we are super uncomfortable with this. any suggestions on how to navigate this?
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2021.11.28 20:27 Zealousideal_Ice6183 Rant: Having musical talent doesn't help you in today's world

Mathematical and problem solving skills get you engineering, accounting jobs that pay well
Hands on skills get you trade jobs that pay well
Communication and interpersonal skills get you jobs that pay well such as real estate or sales with commissions, as well as the medical field where you deal with patients
Music? Even if you go to school for music.. you come out with a shit load of debt and have to rely heavily on luck have a well paying career in music
Only path is entrepreneurship with music imo, which won't pay too well unless you are big... or educating music, still doesn't pay too well.
Supply of musicians is too much in comparison to the demand for musicians. Producers can now just loop sounds, artists can have their own home studios with condenser microphones and purchase quality instrumentals to record on. Everything is pretty much automated.
Blessed to be musically talented as a hobby but..
Career wise, music intelligence doesn't pay off at all in today's world. Belongs with acting and dancing where it's purely who you know.
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2021.11.28 20:27 estev90 Battle of the first and last Layne album

View Poll
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2021.11.28 20:27 Murdut Boyfriend (28M) having trouble adjusting to girlfriends (32F) lifestyle

We have been together for close to six years of which we've lived together for four years. Honestly I feel like I should have adjusted to her already but I simply haven't.
The problem mainly stems from how different we are. Trying to be objectively I have the following characteristics:

She however is more like:
Looking at these characteristics it shouldn't be a surprise that I hate it when someone simply cannot follow some simple house rules like cleaning up after yourself or half assing a chore. She on the other hand does exactly that. Things such as leaving all her stuff on the sofa and table, not throwing away a used teabag and just leaving it on the kitchen counter or just simply let all the cleaned laundry in multiple laundry baskets without putting it away.
These kind of things really grind my gears which tends to make me particularly annoyed with her. When I confront her about it, she either thinks I'm nagging too much too often or she simply ignores the whole argument by simply throwing it back on me by saying something along the lines of: "You do the same.".
On the other hand I do nag her a lot even when it has to do with things outside of her control. At the same time she has had a history of verbally abusive partners.
This has always been an annoying part of our relationship but I never have been as annoyed as I have been the past year. The reason behind this is because of three things.
We've had a lot happen in the last year or two which obviously has dwindled down my patience. So much so that I sometimes can't sleep because of all this.
Back to the house rules problem. Every time I try to talk about it or anything to mediate the situation it just ends in a big fight. Often caused by me blowing up or she being emotional when it honestly is uncalled for.
I'm basically at the end of my wits regarding this, while it isn't really a big issue for some, I am really struggling with this. Though never tested, I've often been accused by peers that I tend to be very autistic seeing how methodical I can be. Often even compared to Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory.
If anyone has some sort of advice to give then by all means please do!
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2021.11.28 20:26 Skyfus The absolute state of Europe in my Ethiopia game

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2021.11.28 20:26 ComprehensiveDesk191 Registeel raid is me adding 10 8117 2339 6649

Registeel raid on me 8117 2339 6649
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2021.11.28 20:26 Extra-Weird3282 My Boyfriend doesnt give me much attention anymore

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 months and it is a long distance relationship ( we live an hour apart) on top of that soon he will be leaving for the military for 6 months.
I love him to the fullest capacity. he is my whole world and he means so much to me and I really see a future with him. However, He doesnt make time for me. I constantly find myself being the one to ask to see other, I text him first and whatnot. He sometimes even goes hours without texting me when all that he is doing is gaming with friends. He knows it upsets me when he doesnt text me for hours at a time yet always comes with bad reasoning for why and tries to turn it on me.
It hurts me because hes leaving soon and I just want to spend as much time with him as I can before he leaves even if its just texting. I even game with him which makes it hurt more that he is always gaming and doesnt ask me to play as well. I just feel like I never have his full attention unless we are together
How can I be okay with not talking to him for hours at a time? I try to not text him and let him come to me but it gets really hard when I can see him on discord with all of our friends gaming and I eventually reach out and he acts like theres nothing wrong and tells me how hes just been doing nothing the entire time and he didnt text me because hes not on his phone all the time and wants to relax.
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2021.11.28 20:26 cardibcl0set goodbye .

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2021.11.28 20:26 Freeeecurry Why don’t the Golden State Warriors give more minutes to Jonathan Kuminga at the small ball 5 position?

Jonathan Kuminga to me is one of those players who has to be developed on the nba floor for a multitude of reasons.
Kuminga to me, is one of those players who is more engaged in high stake situations and would benefit greatly from playing with experienced players unlike the players he plays with in the G-league. The player he looks like when playing for the warriors is so different from how he looks in the g-league.
His floor is higher than most realize and his ceiling seems special at this point. I know Kerr wants to develop him into a point forward and play more on ball in the g-league but to me that is a long term play and he has looked phenomenal when playing the small ball 5.
There were multiple plays just today where Steph or GPII got a steal and broke out into transition where looney and Belly hadn’t even crossed halfcourt because of their speed. Kumingas speed would enable him to rim run out in transition to convert these turnovers into baskets
The clippers can run a very wingy lineup and Belly and Looney are again at a disadvantage here. Kuminga has shown he can shut down elite wings like DeRozan and when the game slows down in the playoffs this’ll be invaluable.
Kuminga has shown he can be a willing rebounder and maintains good position for boxing out.
He can dribble penetrate, has an array of shake and bake plus spin moves and a soft touch near the rim and free throw line. Maybe he can keep his 3p fga to locations he shoots best and not shoot otherwise but to me has has played with great impact and passes the eye test for being a player who can eat up a lot of 5 minutes until wiseman comes back
What do you all think?
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2021.11.28 20:26 RuneRue WB Regirock 8055 2712 8209

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2021.11.28 20:26 Official_MCU We should start a Class Action Lawsuit against 343 for their blatant lies about the game

I truly believe that in order to hold 343 accountable for their deceitfulness in regards to the what the game will truly be needs to be done in court.
We have more than enough evidence where the developers have OUT RIGHT stated a whole different thing than what was originally released.
For Example, this current event. They told us that we could unlock this armor in-game from playing only for us to realize that the armor can only be unlocked in the shop.
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2021.11.28 20:26 ReactionAndy Felt cute, might delete later

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2021.11.28 20:26 SaraSexy11 #Bowsette #Girl #King

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2021.11.28 20:26 rb6k Is there an app where I can sub to a digital version of SNV?

I sub to Shonen Jump and Marvel Unlimited for various manga and comics I like. Do any services available on iOS have Shuumatsu no Valkyrie available in English?
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2021.11.28 20:26 Kiwi_like_a_bird ITAP of my footprint in sand

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2021.11.28 20:26 BioSammyj The first 5 chapters of “Leviathan Falls” are available

… if your public library supports the Libby app and they’ve ordered an ebook copy. If so, search for the book in Libby and it should give you an option to “preview” the book which includes the prologue and the first five chapters. I’m sure a few others out there are eagerly awaiting the Tuesday release and would enjoy a preview!
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2021.11.28 20:26 PeriastronX hm, yes, endless

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2021.11.28 20:26 M0nch1t0 Sexo sultán del sexo

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