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Rutland’s Roman mosaics bring the Trojan Wars to life in the East Midlands #Greek #Britain #first #Trojan #RomanBritain #Roman #Bath #Natalie #one #24 #22 #athousand #Hector #Achilles #Pandora #2,500years #Achilles’ #Archaeologists #Hadrian

2021.11.28 20:00 blogs_bunny Rutland’s Roman mosaics bring the Trojan Wars to life in the East Midlands #Greek #Britain #first #Trojan #RomanBritain #Roman #Bath #Natalie #one #24 #22 #athousand #Hector #Achilles #Pandora #2,500years #Achilles’ #Archaeologists #Hadrian

Rutland’s Roman mosaics bring the Trojan Wars to life in the East Midlands #Greek #Britain #first #Trojan #RomanBritain #Roman #Bath #Natalie #one #24 #22 #athousand #Hector #Achilles #Pandora #2,500years #Achilles’ #Archaeologists #Hadrian submitted by blogs_bunny to blogsbunny [link] [comments]

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2021.11.28 20:00 Zomboid-555 Skyrim crashes on load or continue

got skyrim for PS4 last friday, did some research about mods and installed the ones i wanted, then it started to throw the ce-34878 error every time i wanted to continue with a character or load a save, i could play a new game indefinitely just fine, but after exiting the error started happening, ill post my load order
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Skyrim 60fps
Phenderix Magic Evolved
Mythical Ages Weather Overhaul
Rain And Snow FX
WATER - Water and Terrain Enhancer
Magical College Of Winterhold
Dense Grass PS4
Forgotten Dungeons PS4
Bridges of Skyrim PS4
Lampposts of Skyrim
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Go Away Map Clouds!
Kato's Riverwood
Better Horses
Skyrim is Windy
Master The Summit
Katana Pack
Realm Of Lorkhan Alternate Start
Legendary Creatures
TAOS: The Art Of Smithing
Re-Color Replacer Pack
Skyrim Cheat Room + Saints and Sinners
Riverstone Hut
Hunter's Treehouse
Looter's Cove
KingdomGearz Personal Tweaks
Deus Mons - The Castle of
The Midden Expanded PS4
Point The Way
Valiant of Mara Priory
Instant Shouts - But Not for Draugr
Supreme and Volumetric Fog
The Autumn of Whiterun PS4
Breezehome Basement
Combat Sound and Attack Impact
Rebalanced Leveled Lists
Helmetless Armor Perks
Less Aggresive Animals
Exquisite Clothing
Splendor: Dragon Variants
ELE Interior Lightinf Overhaul
Follower - Matilda the magic mudcrab
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This is also your reminder that it's "Munchie Monday" tomorrow, in similar fashion to today, Rule 1 will be relaxed for food posts tomorrow!
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2021.11.28 20:00 Jakefromst_farm Waiting for the Drop -- Hooligan Issue #20

Drew was sitting in the back of the club with Suzette. He got the feeling that he should look over to the door, but when he did his head suddenly started spinning. Drew tried to go back to watching the band, but for some reason he just couldn’t focus. Something kept drawing his attention away from the stage. Something was telling him to look around the room, as if there was something that he was supposed to see.
“There you are.”
Drew froze. He knew that voice. He looked for the source of the voice, but couldn't find its origin.
“You think running around getting a thrill from beating up a bunch of criminals makes you a hero? I should have let you rot.”
Drew’s panic only mounted as he frantically searched the crowd looking for the one speaking to him, but he couldn’t find him.
“Drew what’s wrong?” Suzette asked him.
Suddenly, Drew knew that they had to get out of there. Without saying a word, Drew grabbed Suzette’s arm and pulled her towards the door. The voice kept tormenting him.
Drew crashed into everything and everyone as he tried desperately to pull Suzette towards the exit. He didn’t dare turn back for fear of seeing his tormenter right behind them.
“I told you I would find you.”
Drew turned outside and suddenly got light-headed and he crumpled to the floor. That’s when he felt the hands wrapped around his throat. Drew could hear what sounded like his windpipe being crushed, and suddenly Garrison’s face appeared in front of him.
“You should have just disappeared like everyone wanted you to.”
Drew was then thrown into the air. His vision cleared just in time to see headlights coming towards him.
He woke up with a start just before he hit the windshield. Drew looked around the room and didn’t recognize it. Suddenly, he felt a bed beneath him and he wondered if he was still dreaming. As he became more alert he remembered that he had spent the night at Suzette’s. He looked at the clock. Then he watched an arm reach over his chest and settle there.
“Good morning,” Suzette said groggily.
Suzette moved the back of her hand over Drew’s heart. She pulled it away for a second and sat up on her elbow.
“Aw, are you still happy to see me?” she teased, before she noticed the look on his face.
Drew’s eyes were open and his breathing was still rapid, even if it was starting to come back down to normal. He released his grip of the sheets in his left hand.
“Wait. Drew, are you okay?” she asked as her face immediately changed to concern.
“Yeah, I uh,” Drew trailed off as he took a look around the room as memories of the night before slowly came back to him.
“Did you have a bad dream?” She asked, lifting off the bed to look him in the eyes.
“Yeah,” Drew responded, slowly taking in the situation. “Yeah, I guess I did.”
“Aw, that’s cute.”
Suzette then pulled herself closer to him. Drew took a few more minutes to try and compose himself and it soon became harder and harder to remember the dream that had woken him up in such a start. He turned to look at the alarm clock on the bedside table.
8:20. At least he had slept in. Wait a minute, what the hell did Suzette mean by that’s cute?
Drew was sitting on the top of a roof looking at a construction site across the street. He’d climbed up and watched the place just like he had with the other two. He’d had no luck with them, and his hope for this one was rapidly diminishing. He’d already explored all that he could find in the site and now he was just hoping that something would show up and so he could justify the time spent there. He tried to take in the neighborhood a little bit more while he waited for something, anything to happen.
From the front of the building he just saw apartment blocks running for miles and miles on end. He turned around and looked towards the way he came up. The city skyline just barely peeked over the tops of the much fancier homes across the highway. The highway effectively kept the poor out, but their homes blocked the view of the skyline for them as well. Seemingly reminding them that there was another level before they could ever hope of making it to the bright lights of downtown.
It was a weird feeling that just mere months ago, Drew could have been living in the finest penthouse along the lake, while now he had to strain himself in order to even see the penthouses and had to wonder if a buck-fifty was going to be enough to get him to his next paycheck. Hell, a penthouse? If Drew saved enough of what Garrison gave him he could have bought the whole damn building, now he couldn’t even afford to wash his clothes.
It was two weeks before Thanksgiving. Well, give or take. The docks always closed the week of Thanksgiving and then reopened the following Monday. They would give them a check to make up for what they were owed and half-time for the week of Thanksgiving.
He wondered if he was going to have anywhere to go. Suzette would probably invite him to her family’s but he wasn’t sure if he was fully ready to meet her family yet. They had really only been an official couple for a couple of weeks now.
The thought of Thanksgiving plans made Drew think of what he had put Suzette through the night before. She had seemed fine when he left, but Drew wasn’t sure if that was just a front. Then again, she seemed tougher than he probably would have thought.
Then he realized something. This was the first time that he ever had to live with a secret identity. Not just one, he had to live with two of them. One as Drew Brooks and one as the vigilante.
He never had to hide his identity growing up. Why would he? How could he? He was named after the most famous superhero in the entire world. His dad hired the best combat experts to come in and train him. Then as soon as his powers began to develop, he showed him how to control them.
He was all set to become the next great hero, why would he hide who he was? That was a long time ago now, though. He was just some jerk on the street now. They didn’t even know what to call him in the papers. Hell, the police didn’t even want to admit that he existed. Despite the police’s insistence that he didn’t exist, the city’s underworld was alight with different people talking about what they were going to do with him.
The night before he had very nearly blown his cover. On top of that, it had nearly gotten him and Suzette killed. His instincts had got him out of danger last night, but how long would they get him out of situations like that? How long was it going to be before he could save himself, but couldn’t save anyone else? Then the thoughts of the nightmare began to creep into his head as well.
It wasn’t the first one that he had since the one night he ran out of Bridget’s apartment. They seemed to come about once a month. Drew knew that if Bridget was still around she would tell him to go to therapy for it. Well, she would tell him to go to therapy for a lot of things. She was probably right, but there was no way that Drew would be able to afford it without insurance and with so little money to his name there was no way that he could afford insurance. Oh well. maybe one day they’d just go away on their own.
While Drew was initially confused by Suzette’s response to finding out he’d had a nightmare, it seemed to get his focus off of it. That gave him hope that maybe one day what happened in that parking lot wouldn’t matter anymore. Maybe one day he wouldn’t feel so guilty for leaving Bridget.
Then again, this wasn’t even the first time that Garrison had tried to get rid of him. He had shipped him off to boarding school and hoped that would get him off his hands. Of course, they would send Drew home over the winter and summer breaks, but Garrison would make him stay for all others. But in the meantime, Garrison wouldn’t have to deal with him on a day-to-day basis.
While he remembered everything that surrounded him going to Union Academy, he didn’t remember much of the conversation where Garrison told him that he was being sent to Union Academy. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if it was an actual in-depth conversation or if he had just told him in the middle of another conversation.
It was near the start of a re-election campaign and this way Garrison wasn’t going to have to deal with whatever Drew was doing whenever the election was getting near. Bridget would only be in the house for one more year before she was off to college and Dakota was already gone. He’d have one less distraction four years ahead of schedule.
Garrison ran off to some fundraiser almost immediately after the conversation leaving Drew all alone with Bridget. She was the whole reason that Drew even remembered that night.
Bridget had always made sure that he was okay. That night she had taken him out to get dinner and then they came back and just talked about everything that Drew was feeling. How he felt like the entire family was giving up on him, how he felt that there was no one to go to bat for him. By the end of the night, Bridget had convinced him that it was a fresh start. A chance to prove to his dad that he really could behave. It was a nice thought anyway.
He had kept his nose clean for a little bit, but he found that it was simply a lot more fun to push back against the rules when he could. Well, kind of like now. He just had to hope that all the vigilantism would satisfy that itch, and that he wouldn’t have to start working for Jose any more than he already was.
Union Academy wasn’t all bad. It was a beautiful campus in the middle of Pennsylvania. It was a pseudo-military academy, which meant that all students were expected to participate in drill, but the students in the actual military program were separated from the others.
He had started out in the military program, but he was kicked out almost immediately for “insubordination.” Garrison didn’t see a point in paying for him to be reinstated into that specific program so he was instead just moved to the regular courses. Considering all that he would go on to do at school, that was probably the right decision.
After that, he started rooming with Tucker. Drew wondered what Tucker had done since he had been arrested. Frankly, his plans probably didn’t change much. Tucker easily made it into Empire U. He was probably going to be just fine without him. Hell, he would probably be better off without him.
Tucker was from a prominent family in the same area as Drew, which meant they shared some common ground immediately. The similar interests only multiplied from there. Then Drew started to get him into more of the things that he was into. Tucker would have gotten in a lot more trouble, if it wasn’t for the fact that Drew covered for him several times since he knew that Garrison would make some kind of bribe to keep him enrolled. That became a fun little way to screw with his dad.
Drew still remembered the first time that he got Tucker to smoke pot with him. Zeb had gotten Drew to try it the summer before, but over winter break his sophomore year Drew had invited them both over to his place.
Zeb had brought some and Garrison was off at some other senator’s holiday party so they basically had no supervision. Well, Dakota ratted them out to Garrison, but he was so checked out that he just told him to stop doing it in the living room.
Drew and Zeb were friends much further back. Drew had met Zeb on his first day of kindergarten. His parents had managed to be one of the lucky ones that got a scholarship to the fancy school that Drew attended. From that moment on, Drew and him were partners in crime. Once Drew started to develop his powers, Zeb encouraged him to use them. If Drew was sent to the principal’s office Zeb was usually there with him.
To say that Zeb was a poor influence on Drew would be inaccurate. Drew and Zeb acted off of one another. Neither of them would be considered the other’s lackey. They certainly got into trouble for a lot of things, but there were a lot of things they didn’t get caught for.
Drew felt a wave of positive memories wash over him. Then they all dried up as he remembered that Zeb was still in prison because of him.
Drew could have prevented the two of them even getting into that mess in the first place, instead he just let one of his best friends rot in a cell. Zeb’s parents couldn’t afford to pay off a district attorney like Garrison. Hell, they probably couldn’t even afford a regular lawyer. Drew might have bankrupted their family.
Drew knew that he deserved to be in that cell with Zeb. He should have had to face the judge for what he had done, but Garrison saw to it that he wouldn’t just so that he wouldn’t have to answer to the media asking him what happened to his son or just so that he could change the questions they were asking instead.
Drew had to make up for the fact he was free. He knew he didn’t even belong in Rabbit Town let alone the neighborhood across the highway. Of course, he couldn’t just go to the police station and turn himself in. He had been cleared in the investigation. There was literally nothing he could do.
Was he already making up for it? Maybe the whole vigilante business was his way of making up for his freedom. In a way, he had controlled the narrative now, but he was a ticking time bomb. How long was he going to be able to keep that up? He was just doing it as a healthy way to hurt people. How long would that satisfy him before he would need more?
He was a freak. He wanted to hurt people, there was no denying it. His sisters were fighting because they wanted to do good. Drew simply did it to stave off his own urges. He was a villain that needed to be stopped, parading around as an underground hero.
Drew took a look back at the houses on the other side of the highway. His life back home seemed so far away now and the city showed just how far he was. ARC was in some other part of the Midwest, fighting some major threat to American security and here he was beating up drug dealers for kicks. How long was this going to last?
Drew had his knees pulled up to his chest. He was going to have to invest in something a lot warmer if he was going to keep this hero act up through winter. Well, maybe he could take a break in the colder months. Criminals wouldn’t want to be out in the cold either, right?
Drew smiled. Yeah, real heroic there kid. Drew thought to himself.
Then Drew heard a door close. Drew looked back over the edge and saw a pair of cars waiting next to the gate. A man in a suit walked out of the car and unlocked the padlock. The other cars drove through and the man closed the gate, but stayed by the gate. He was clearly expecting someone else to arrive.
Drew could see everything going on in the site, which really wasn’t much, but couldn’t quite get a read on the situation. There was too much background noise going on for him to get a clear read on their conversations, so he moved to get in a position to do so. He could probably go to a lower building and still see what was going on, but for now it looked like they were just waiting for more people to show up. Either way, they’d given him a way to stay warm.
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Talk about coins you think will pump soon, tell us why it will pump

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2021.11.28 20:00 Rushderp [Game Thread] Van Chancellor Classic Day 3: UNM vs Texas Tech

UNM (4-1, 0-0 Mountain West) vs Texas Tech (3-0, 0-0 Big 12)
--WLW --*WWW
Tip-off: 5PM EST
📍: Leonard E. Merrell Center in Katy, TX
📺/💻: TBA
📻: 107.7 Yes! FM or TTSN
📱: TuneIn ($) or Varsity
📡: N/A
📊: TTU Sidearm Stats or ESPN Gamecast
Texas Tech is 15-4 vs UNM. Texas Tech won the first game 64-53 on January 13, 1978 in Las Cruces, NM.
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