One I poured on Sunday!

2021.10.19 23:23 poolepoolepoole One I poured on Sunday!

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2021.10.19 23:23 pxoyz Can I get a discount for prior owning of the Beyond Light DLC and then buying the Deluxe edition?

I just back into the game a few months ago, and ended up buying the Beyond Light DLC. I didn't know at the time that the season passes were more than just normal tier reward type content, and I only bought the basic Beyond Light edition. Well now I know my mistake and was wondering if I would get a discounted price if I bought the Beyond Light Deluxe Edition since I already own the bulk of the content, being the DLC itself.
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2021.10.19 23:23 brunooaa Anthology Series with mixed stories taking place in the Wizarding World

Ever since Love Death and Robots I think about the potential an Anthology Series could have. You would have several completely different stories that could take you back to Hogwarts now and then and to the Wizarding World, but also taking place in completely different times. Maybe even an animated one, tbh I'd be down for anything as long as its done with love and passion.
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2021.10.19 23:23 GoudaShoota Beginner Conquest Tips (For new players that think the maps are too big and hate running)

Beginner Conquest Tips (For new players that think the maps are too big and hate running) After the Beta, many people thought Orbital was too big and they were running around too much as infantry without seeing much action. While it wasn't my favorite map of all time and I did think they needed some more vehicles in the final version, I had lots of fun and there was plenty of action if you knew where to look. As someone with lots of Conquest experience, I’ll offer my approach to playing Conquest and how to see plenty of action as infantry.

Conquest vs Breakthrough
Conquest is the original Battlefield sandbox experience. You have complete freedom over the entire map to play how you want and what you’re in the mood for. The matches are more unpredictable and you never really know how they're going to play out. Hold the majority of objectives to drain your enemy’s tickets and kill as many players as you can inside objectives for maximum xp.
Breakthrough is the newer mode built off of BF1’s Operations where each team has a dedicated role as the attacker or defender and the battle is condensed to only a couple points at a time in a more linear tug-of-war match. Most people I know prefer this mode nowadays because it offers more sustained action over a longer period of time. I personally still love the complete freedom and unpredictability of Conquest and play it equally as much as Breakthrough, depending on my mood at the time.

So how do you find action on these big-ass Conquest maps when you’re on foot?
You only focus on smaller areas of the map at a time! There are games where I only rotate between the same 3 out of 6 or 7 objectives the entire match. Most Conquest maps have power positions and an infantry-focused part of the map that is more condensed with closer objectives and more cover that suits boots-on-the-ground play. This is where you should be spending all your time as an infantry player! Not running across the big open area to cap an objective hundreds of meters away with hardly any cover. Those objectives are what vehicles are for!

Here are some examples of big maps that many people hate, but I personally find plenty of action on and have a ton of fun playing as infantry. Here is my general approach if playing as infantry:
Hamada is huge, but there’s really just 2 areas to focus on if you're on foot.
  • Power Position #1 at D. Want infantry action on Hamada? Go to D. Once you have D, you can branch off and try to hold B and C, both within 200m.
  • Power Position #2 at F. Get a transport vehicle of soldiers over to that side of the map and start fighting over F. Once you control F, you just move back and forth fighting over E and G.

Panzerstorm is a huge and awesome map for vehicle combat. If you’re on foot though, you should just be playing the middle corridor and fighting over the main Power Position at D. From there you can bounce back and forth to C and E. Let all the vehicles take care of the outer objectives at A/B, and G/F.

PROVENCE (Not a hated map, but a perfect example)
If you want infantry action on Provence Conquest, just play A, B, C. Enter that town from your respective side to capture either A or B, then fight to control the middle power position at C. There’s never a reason to leave those 3 objectives the entire game if you’re on foot. Let all the tanks and squad transports fight over D and E.

If you wanted tons of action as infantry on Orbital, just play the Northern half of the map. The top of B acted as a power position to just parachute off below to D or most of the way up the hill to A. D acted as the other power position sandwiched between B and E, and anyone coming through the tunnel from C side.
When I was bored with the Northern half, I saw lots of action in the south holding down C1/C2. If things were eventually secure there, I would move up the hill from C1 to either A or F. It didn’t take long before C would get attacked again and I’d head back down after capping the objective up the hill.
Hopefully these examples gave you a better understanding of how to get the most out of Conquest as an infantry player. Don’t waste your time running around randomly to objectives that are spread far apart. Spend all your focus on the highly contested power positions and their surrounding support objectives. When you get bored of that, then the freedom of Conquest allows you to grab a vehicle and start hitting outer objectives for a change of scenery.
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2021.10.19 23:23 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-san-bernardo-53

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2021.10.19 23:23 KnowledgeFit3775 It's almost Halloween 👀 Spooky time!
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2021.10.19 23:23 IronWolve Lazy crane operators making $250,000 a year exacerbating port crisis, truckers say

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2021.10.19 23:23 dannydinosaurjr best c6 main dps,sub dps and utility chars?

Not asking for a good team, I was just curious to see who would be best in each of these individually with the best gear setups and max constellations.
I feel like it'd prolly be ganyu, kazuha/Baal, and zhongli or bennett
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2021.10.19 23:23 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (4/?)

The interrogation went on for nearly seven hours, only taking breaks so that James could be taken to a latrine (not as bad as some of the ones the Army had made him use, James had thought) and for a short meal break.
The meal was actually delicious, consisting of a bowl of hearty soup that reminded James of a mix between a curry and a chili, with a small bread ball that had been filled with herbs and cheese, and a glass of water. Kela was given a similar meal and ate with him, their conversation had taken a less formal tone while they were eating. Less an interrogation and more of a conversation.
Honestly though, as far as interrogations went, James was surprised at how lax it was. There had been no torture, no harsh questions, not even a beating or a threat. It felt more like an interview than anything else. He'd even been allowed to refuse questions, which he mainly did when they pertained to the Army, or questions that felt a touch too personal. Afterwords Kela had left the room for a few minutes, returning with his cell phone and a key to the shackles and chair strap.
"Please, follow me. We're done here." Kela said.
"So. Did I pass? Did the guys behind the mirror decide that I'm not a threat?"
At that Kela stiffened. "You knew there were people behind the mirror? Could you see them?" Kela asked.
"No. But the whole 'two way mirror' trick is a pretty common thing where I'm from. Though probably not as common as movies want us to think."
"Hmm. Interesting. And no, they did not determine that you're 'NOT' a threat." Kela replied. "They simply determined that you were mainly being truthful, minus a few things here and there. As such they believe that while you are a threat, you aren't currently enough of one to warrant imprisonment."
"Well, I guess that's good."
"Indeed. Also they've determined that you may use your phone to contact your home if possible. I'm to lead you to the summoning room. They believe that it will give your phone a better chance of reaching them. Though I am to monitor anything you say to them."
"What?" James asked, somewhat surprised. "But my phone doesn't have any signal to reach them. I couldn't send a te-" At this a loud tap issues from the mirror.
"They know this is a lie Mr. James. It is alright though. They want you to send a message. I don't know why. but they do."
"They can tell when I'm lying?"
"In this room they can." The werewolf continued to the door. "Please, follow me."
Well shit. That's awkward. James thought. He grimaced and gave a half hearted wave to the mirror before following.
James had been conscious when they had left the room he'd woken up in. That walk had only been a few halls over from where the "Interrogation" had occurred. The walk from the interrogation room to the summoning room was a bit further. In fact it was on a much lower level as well, at least three floors by James' guess.
The hall was also much busier this time. Before there had only been a handful of guards patrolling. Several of them were as big as, or even bigger than, Kela. But there were some that were more in line with what he had to assume were humans. Though one of them had also had wings, that moved in a way that suggested they were real. That guard had also had a beak shape on their helmet.
Great, I'm playing D&D on realism mode. Jonesy would be super jealous. James had thought.
Now however there were other people walking about. There were still guards, but there were also people that he had to assume were royal servants. They carried crates, and bags, and trays of who knows what. Some of them were having conversations, in fact he was pretty sure he overheard a bit of flirting when he passed one pair of men.
Well I guess they don't worry about that thing in this world. Progressive. Bit startling for a seemingly medieval setting. But maybe a good sign for the state of their society.
There was one outlier in the hustle and bustle. Princess Amina was standing outside the summoning room when they arrived there. She was glaring daggers at James as they approached.
"I can't say I agree with this." She said to Kela, never breaking her glare. "We should not let him contact home."
"I don't either." Kela replied coolly. "But your father insists. Also the mages are curious as to whether or not it's even possible."
"I still don't like it."
"Relax your highness." James interrupted, he made sure to throw some haughtiness on the title. "I doubt it'll even work. Even if it does, it's not like anyone would believe any of this."
"You had better remove that attitude before I remove it for you." This, unexpectedly came from Kela.
James balked, "Sorry." He looked back at the princess. "Look, I'm sorry I took your friend from you. I was just trying to defend myself. I have only the most basic idea of where I am. And I have no idea what I'm gonna do about it." The princess's demeanor actually softened somewhat at hearing that. "I'm really not gonna cause any trouble for you guys. I figure I can at least hear out whatever reason you had for.... summoning me. Until then I'm just trying to figure out what the hell's going on." He held his hand out. "Deal?"
"You'd better." Was the princess's only reply. But she did shake his hand. Then she turned to Kela, who had just opened the door. "I will become your pack leader again."
"Last time you only barely managed a scratch on my face. So I kind of doubt it." Kela replied.
"If my blade had been silvered that 'scratch' would have left you with a scar from forehead to throat, and missing an eye at that."
"Ah, but it wasn't silvered. Also he shot me in the chest three times. Two of those went all the way through and out my back. I had to cough up the third one. If his 'bullets' as he calls them had been silvered, I would be dead three times over. I don't think you can top that."
"AHEM" James interrupted, again. "Guys, as much as I enjoy some half veiled, warrior flirting. Can I send my message now?"
"Right, sorry Mr. James." Kela said. The werewolf gestured to the now open door. "Please come in and send the message."
James walked in. The room was bigger than he had thought, roughly the size of a basketball court and nearly forty feet to the ceiling. He was surprised to see that the remains of the STRYKER3 had been completely removed, despite the lack of any doors or openings large enough to do so, at least that he could see.
"Please, the summoning circle is over here." Kela said.
But James didn't need to be told that. He knew where it was. There were still two blood stains on the floor. Apparently blood was as hard to remove in this world as it was in his. Magic or not.
He stood, looking at it for a moment. For a while, he had forgotten how violent his entrance to this world had been.
"You know Kela." He said, the werewolf turned to regard him. " I'm never going to forgive you for that." He nodded at the blood stains. "I don't know what happened to Batty. I know it wasn't good. Not if he lost his damn leg. But I do know what happened to Odie."
At this he turned to look at the werewolf standing across the circle. The warrior wolf didn't look away.
"I don't know how good your nose is. I don't know if he did have liver cancer again. Or if he really had broken his back. I'm not a doctor, I couldn't make those determinations under any circumstance." He paused, tears forming in his eyes. "But you could have at least given him a choice. He deserved at least that much."
"Mr. James I am-"
"IT'S NOT MR. JAMES! IT'S JUST JAMES. OR CHOI IF YOU PREFER. BUT DROP THE MISTER BIT AND GET IT RIGHT!" He yelled. He didn't really know why. Kela jumped a little.
"James. I'm sorry. You... are right. I forget sometimes that not everyone holds to the wolf way of things." Was all the wolf could say while lowering their head.
"I will not ever forgive you for this. None of you." He said.
"That is as you wish. I understand."
He stared at the blood stains a moment longer, and wiped his eyes. Then he stepped forward and took a knee between the two stains. He reached out with both hands and touched them, lightly.
"Batty. I hope you're ok bud. And if you are then I hope you're not tellin em I'm AWOL." He looked over to the larger stain. "Sarge. Man. I'm Sorry dude. I'm so sorry." He was crying again.
"James. This is no-"
"SHUT THE HELL UP!" James interrupted. "JUST....shut up for a minute."
Kela did.
He wiped his eyes again. Then he stood up and looked at the wolf. "You better not die before I kill you." He took the phone out and opened the text message app. Two bars now. I guess that is an improvement. "I probably can't make a call. But I can at least send a text message. Don't worry. I'll leave the phone unlocked so that your 'mages' can read it. You know, once they figure out English translations."
"That should be fine." Kela said.
Then he hit the send button and handed the phone to Kela as he walked towards the door.
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2021.10.19 23:23 nfloyd96 Variable Products

So I passed the life and health exam last year, and I have passed the SIE, 6TO, and 63 in the last 3 months. I need to add variable products to my life license, so I can deal with variable annuities. I know this isn’t a FINRA exam but I was hoping someone here could tell me how to go about doing that. Any help is appreciated!
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2021.10.19 23:23 Danger_Noodle17 I'm ready to join the family

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2021.10.19 23:23 evaldez14 Harvard Trained The People Overseeing China’s Genocide Camps

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2021.10.19 23:23 HumptyHays Is it me, or is the T-43 at tier 7 a really good tank?

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2021.10.19 23:23 squawkalley Bill and Melinda Gates’ Daughter Makes Vaccination and Negative Covid Test Compulsory for Guests

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2021.10.19 23:23 NBANewsNetwork [Charania] The 76ers are not trying to move Simmons and have made clear that they will not deal him at this time, according to sources. Simmons is not against playing, but he is not mentally ready yet, sources insist.

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2021.10.19 23:23 xousej [Friendship] 23m looking to chat and maybe make some friends

Its hard to make friends irl since I got social anxiety
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2021.10.19 23:23 Sharp-Calligrapher-4 Is that new guys? from the challenge eq pack

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2021.10.19 23:23 BiologyBuff I know this is a tomato hornworm, but why is it black? (Denver, Colorado, USA)

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2021.10.19 23:23 sofa_queen_awesome Royalty Share on Free Book?

Hey there, I'm a new "producer" and am doing some bg research on a title I was about to submit an audition for. I noticed that the book is $9.99 but the kindle version is free.
How does that work with royalty share? Scam?
I did check the flagged page on audiobook scout and did not see it there.
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2021.10.19 23:23 LieutenantY help with AMM

for some reason i cant add liquidity can some one explain for me why ?
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2021.10.19 23:23 NIR0DHA Follow up on yesterday’s sketch 😎

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2021.10.19 23:23 MoxxiFortune it's been 2 months since i joined this sub, and I honestly don't can't recommend it for new teachers.

I understand that this job is shit in so many aspects, but as a new teacher, i would like to see some positive posts every now and then.
As someone who browse reddit daily and see all the RANT RANT RANT.. From this sub alone! Like.. This is slowly effecting me negatively, and I'm not gaining much by joining this small community.
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2021.10.19 23:23 Mr_Jopen Japan predicts one of the greatest memes in history.

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2021.10.19 23:23 Themoastoriginalname I need some help with the build and components !

So I bought a mobo ....ram and gpu. I'm thinking of getting a psu thor either 850 or 1200(I know over kill af).I am going for a amd build ...Now should I get the 5900x or 5950x....themla past I'll just get it ....either kryptonaut or prolima pk3...I know there's a small difference of 2-3 should I get a mve 1 tb for windows....or get a regular ssd for windows...what case should I get ....should I use AOI for the cpu....or just airflow ...I am open to both. I'm planning to get Toshiba x300 if my memory serves me right...And in theory I can install them ....but I don't have time to so it since I'm always working (frontline worker ) and my practice skills lack or to say the least I'm not comfortable doing it.And should I use custom cable sleeves for everything ....I want my build looking nice....I live in queens,nyc I come from a i7 4940k ....and msi 980 and 16 gb ...and thermaltake v10.Sorry for the long post !
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2021.10.19 23:23 09211988 Deepblue, Yearly revision

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