Evil Ben and Adam

Michael Jackson - Ben with lyrics Find the latest Franklin Resources, Inc. (BEN) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. Ben Tennyson is on summer vacation with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max in the Rustbucket RV. But when he discovers the alien device known as the Omnitrix, he gets the ability to turn into ten different alien heroes. ben: [noun] the inner room or parlor of a 2-room cottage. While on summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen, Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch, the Omnitrix. This allows Ben the ability to transform into any one of ten spectacular and powerful aliens! Ben: Directed by Phil Karlson. With Lee Montgomery, Joseph Campanella, Arthur O'Connell, Rosemary Murphy. A lonely boy befriends Ben, the leader of a violent pack of killer rats.

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2021.10.19 23:54 weedislifeman What happened today? This is the first Green Day for the MJ sector in a while. Traveling for work and noticed everything was pumping, but can’t see any obvious reasons why..

What happened today? This is the first Green Day for the MJ sector in a while. Traveling for work and noticed everything was pumping, but can’t see any obvious reasons why..
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2021.10.19 23:54 qqid [Help] Proxmox Container Storage Issue

I am running a rather large proxmox server that has a ZFS pool that I will refer to as ZFS-100. ZFS-100 has a total size of 87.33TiB which I want to be completely allocated to one container. Unfortunately, on the startup and execution of that container I accidentally only allocated ~67TiB rather than ~87TiB which is too little for the program I am currently running on the machine. I attempted to use the "Resize disk" option under the Resources tab for the container, however after trying that once, the changes did not update in the Summary (I believe I know why but I did not understand why at the time). Like any good developer, I simply tried a couple more times until I saw the Root Disk section under Resources which now lists the allocated size as 147517090040K, which assuming K is for kilobyte would equal over 134TiB which is more than I have physical hardware for in the ZFS-100 pool. The reason I believe this number is not displaying in the Summary section is that I never restarted the container as restarts need to be minimized (but if it will resolve the issue with fair certainty then it is possible) with the application running on the container.
How should I go about resolving this issue and lowering the allocated size of the container? Will it be an issue if I do not exceed physical hardware?
All help, guidance, or tips to avoid this in the future would be greatly appreciated.

Also, please let me know if this does not fit in this subreddit. As proxmox requires permission to post, I believed that this subreddit would be the next best thing.
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This rule has been in place for some time now, but as of recently I have been seeing a lot of mushroom identification posts. I hope this stickied post will slow that down!
Why we don’t allow ID posts

  1. Our users safety
  1. Difficulty identifying mushrooms
  1. Limiting spam/subreddits well-being
Exit Thanks for reading everyone! I think for the reasons listed above, it’s best we don’t allow mushroom identification posts. This is a community dedicated to Psilocybin mushrooms, and the community/experience within them! Not really dedicated to the cultivation/identification of them, but we do allow anything & everything to do with cultivation! Doesn’t carry the same risks.
Best wishes,
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2021.10.19 23:54 SnapCrackleMom (TW) God damn I'm tired of women being told how not to get raped.

As many of you know, a woman was recently raped on a public transit train here in Philadelphia. The horrifying story is here. She was harassed, groped, assaulted, and finally raped for more than 40 minutes -- that's more than two dozen train stops. There were other riders in the train car.
No one helped her.
Not a single 911 call was placed.
Multiple riders pointed their phones at this scene.
Instead of making even the slightest effort to help this woman, who was telling him to stop, trying to push him away -- they videoed her rape.
A lot of people are, rightly, horrified. Some people are trying to explain away this failure of humanity as "bystander effect." It's not bystander effect when they had the wherewithal to whip out their phones and video a woman's nightmare.
And many people -- many men -- are responding with comments like "this is why women should carry mace and take self-defense classes."
No one is saying "this is why people need to learn how to intervene in a crisis," or "this is why men need to speak out against rape culture," or "this is why SEPTA needs to step up security," or "this is why we need to smash the patriarchy."
It's not about what women do or don't do. Self-defense classes are great, but they do not prevent sexual assault. If self-defense classes prevented sexual assault, we wouldn't have 20,500 US service members, who are trained in hand-to-hand combat, experiencing sexual assault each year.
Girls are raised being taught how not to get raped, and yet one in every six American women is the victim of an attempted or completed rape.
It's not about what women do or don't do. Stop telling us how not to get raped. We know.
Men: speak out against rape culture. Call out your fellow men for their "locker room talk" and predatory behavior. If you're afraid to get involved in a physical altercation, call 911. Press the emergency call button. Do something.
TL;DR God damn I'm tired of being told how not to get raped.
If you have been the victim of sexual assault, in the US you can reach out to RAINN.org 24/7, by phone or online chat. Their services are free and confidential.
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Give me one of your songs and I will give you one of mine.
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I have a video if this is not conclusive, looks good to me, but still learning. Just want to avoid amphetamines
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2021.10.19 23:54 ExpertRepair4641 I'm almost comvinced

That I could walk down a street nearby and throw church holy water at people and they WOULD melt. It's all just a big joke to them, they are so brainwashed they actually believe that God is weakness or something.. I don't even have words to describe how far gone everyone is... Enjoy the alternative? I'm not going to attack what other people believe, I'm MAKING FUN of them for their LACK of something, not what they believe in, but THEY laugh at ME For my belief in something, and how I voice it, it's just funny to them, but once it comes time for them to honor what they believe in by discussing it and living it, NOBODY is allowed to pick apart the things THEY DO, so I'm having trouble remembering who are the ignorant ones, we'll go with people like me. WERE the lowlife losers. Okay but what's the alternative to god? Draw it on a piece of paper
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2021.10.19 23:54 notsexmaster "bitch you aint irrelevant, you underrated" that is so fucking deep when you think about it. (I made it btw)

Like you just gotta keep looking up, you not irrelevant, no one is. You just underrated. Keep looking up, champ
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2021.10.19 23:54 Emotional-Seesaw7300 I have some questions about glitches that maybe there are fixes to

For one the elevator inside diamond city is open when it's going up but closed when it's down any way to fix it but Its not that bad also it constantly crashes maybe its cuz of the mod that makes me have a lot of items because I have over 100000 items
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2021.10.19 23:54 WildAtty SFMM: Experience With Free Rapid Covid-19 Testing

On Magic Mountain's website it states: "FREE rapid COVID-19 testing will be available near the park entrance, while supplies last." I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has actually done this to learn how it went. Mornings at SFMM are so insane to begin with. I wonder whether doing Magic Mountain's own Covid-19 testing results in extreme delays trying to get into the park.
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2021.10.19 23:54 Drakeblood2002 A Watchdog's Guide - Tragedy Is A Requisite

(Link To First Story)
Tragedy is a requisite for becoming a Watchdog. Pain and trauma was something every hunter would go through to become a Watchdog. Some of the best hunters and huntresses had experienced the most pain. That pain made them into incredible warriors and protectors. Tragedy breeds pain, pain breeds struggle, and struggle breeds greatness. That is what it seems to be anyways. Since every Watchdog has to go through tragedy, I though I would be the one who shares the kind of tragedy that is required. This guide is meant to give forewarning to the people who plan to become part of the Watchdogs. This life isn't meant for most and only the strong will survive. As an alternate reason, this is meant for people in your world to see what our world is like without suffering the nightmares.
My uncle Vince had told you the story of how trials usually work or at least how his had gone, but he didn't elaborate too much on his tragedy. He made a quick aside that his mother's death was the beginning of his tragedy for him and my mother to become Watchdogs, but he only mentioned a catalyst. Tragedy continues throughout a hunter's life, not just the beginning. In your world and mine, you never truly let go of pain. Trauma always sticks, whether it be losing someone you love, taking immense injury, or taking life from someone else. Pain remains after the event, no matter how you cope. For some, the pain never goes away.
Vince would never say it, but he had immense emotional baggage. Vince and my mother had lost their mother when he was a toddler and they had been inducted into an orphanage at the age of six. Vince mentioned his father had checked up on his to make sure he was okay, but he didn't mention his life in the orphanages. For a lot of his life, he was abused by some of the caretakers. Most of the abuse was because of his father had been a drunkard and openly belligerent toward the White Church and the White Spears. This lead to Vince's father constantly moving Vince and my mother around the different orphanages until they had ended up in one that treated them decently well. This was when Vince had turned twelve. He had endured abuse for six years until he had been treated with a shred of decency and empathy. There was a lot more trauma tied to him than he had let on, but this wouldn't be the first secret that Vince has had.
For a bit of context, I had spent most of my life outside the walls of Cinella. We had expanded outward from the city many years ago after Cinella had become too small to house its people. My grandparents had been one of the first to step outside of the wall and see the carnage of what the Watchdogs had made of the beasts. My grandpa always said it was the first time he had felt confident going outside the walls. Over the years, my hometown of Milsworth had been constructed and prospered. We had several attacks from the beasts, but we had always been able to repel the attacks and recover thanks to the Watchdogs. Though it wasn't all fine and well.
Long before I was born, my grandmother had died from wound sustained in an attack from the beasts. She was outside when the attack had began and couldn't get inside fast enough. She would have nearly been mauled if the Watchdogs hadn't arrived. The town had tried to save my grandmother, but she had lost too much blood before being treated. The worst part was that my father had been in Cinella at the time. He had never gotten the chance to say goodbye.
After that, my father had become a hunter for the Watchdogs. While he was in Cinella, he eventually met my mother during his training. My mother was actually the daughter of my father's mentor. They had an awkward relationship, but that didn't stop them interacting with each other. While my mother wasn't too fond of the idea, she did end up settling down with my father is Milsworth. While my father had a lot of pain from not being able to help my grandmother, I like to think the my mother had healed him over time. For a Watchdog, my father had always been stoic and stern in public, but he had always been kind and more open around me and my mother. He had been trained by a Watchdog who was with the Wolf-Pack Hunters. Funnily enough, he had the appearance of a wolf with a wolf pelt waist-sash and cape. He been always been kind to me and my father, but I distinctively remember that he had always smelled whiskey. While my mother didn't have too high of an opinion of his drinking habit, she did care for him and my dad had admired him. I believe that my dad's mentor had cared for them both immensely, given what was to happen.
My catalyst had occurred when I was about eight. My mother had gotten ill and her health declined drastically. While my father was home to see her off, I don't think he was mentally ready for my mother's passing. When she had passed, my mother gifted me with her locket, one with a picture of our family, then a picture on me and my father. My father was hit pretty hard by her loss, but his mentor seemed much more distraught. From what I remember, my father's mentor had lost a lot in his life time, but my mother's death had made it worse. My grandad had become more reckless with his missions and had eventually gone into the frontier hunting something. He had been gone for several days and still hadn't returned. My father went out several times, but hadn't been able to find his mentor.
Shortly after my grandfather's disappearance, other Watchdogs had started to disappear. First was a younger Watchdog that I had spoke to. He wasn't even out of his training and hadn't even joined any of the sub factions. He was the first of the newer hunters do disappear. Watchdogs had kept disappearing until only one was left. The most experienced Watchdog in Milsworth, my father.
With most of the Watchdogs gone, the beasts had been emboldened to attack. They had attacked the town and had begun reek havoc on the town. While my father was an experienced hunter, there is only so much one man can do. Several people had been slaughtered within the first few hours of the night. I remember the screaming that had rang out through the night. The noises of the beasts ripping through the people I knew. The ring of gunshots and tearing flesh. It had been midnight when the noise had stopped. I had stepped outside to see what had become of my father. While it sounds dumb, I had to know if my father had survived.
I had exited my home and had seen the carnage. Bodies had littered the street. People I had knew had been mangled, bloody, and barely recognizable. I remember there was a boy I had knew from Milsworth. He had been a good friend who had worked in a weapon shop with his father. He always wanted to test a firearm he had made himself. It had worked for shooting targets, but he wanted to see if it could stop a beast. All I found of him was the firearm, out of ammunition and soaking in a pool of blood. I sometimes wonder if he had ever killed any of the beast before he had died. I had taken the firearm with me before I continued my search.
I had spent a few minutes outside and I hadn't been able to find my father. I knew he wasn't dead, but I didn't know where he could have gone. My search was interrupted when I had to hide from the occasional beast. My hiding often had me get myself covered in blood of the beasts victims. My dress had been blood stained by the end of the night. My mother would have had a fit over over how dirty I had got the dress. It was the last thing she had made me before she had past.
As I continued searching, I realized where my father had went. He had traversed into the woods after the source of the beasts. Many beasts out in the woods follow an alpha, especially the wolf beasts. Something was sending them out of the woods and my father went to snuff it out. I wanted to go help him, but i had the sense that I couldn't really do anything myself. Luckily, I had someone who could.
Coming from the other side of the the street, there was a man in the uniform of the Watchdogs. The outfit was very similar to my father's garb, but with darker shades of brown and black. He had a sword slung over his shoulder and a firearm on his hip. The hunter was my uncle Vince. Vince hadn't been a veteran hunter at this point, but he had quite a bit of experience hunting beasts and had been on the road to becoming a Wolf-Pack Hunter. Was was still pretty young, only about nineteen at the time. However, he was still a Watchdog, so he could actually stand against the beasts.
I remember running up to him and he had knelt down. I gave him a hug before he had begun to ask what had happened.
"What had done this?"
While Vince had mellowed out a few years into his career, he was always stoic when he was out on the hunt, especially during his early days. I had begun crying at this point and had begun to explain what had happened.
"T-The beasts had attack the town and dad went to fight them."
Vince had looked somber, but he had listened to cry over what was happening. I had been crying for a few minutes about what had happened, how I had found my friend's firearm, and how my grandfather had disappeared days before. Vince had still looked somber before he gave a reassuring smile and he spoke.
"It's okay. I'll deal with these monsters."
I had wiped away my tears before I had showed him my locket. For some reason, I had showed him the outfit that my dad was wearing since it was the same one he had in the picture. I don't know why I showed him the picture, it's not like he hadn't met him before. He gave the reassuring smile again before speaking.
"I'll find him and put an end to this nightmare."
After Vince finished speaking, the forest had released a thunderous howl that had gotten both our attention. Vince had stood up and gotten his stoic persona back. He unsheathed his sword before looking toward me.
"Stay behind me."
Wolf-man beasts had started to emerge from the woods, vicious and hungry. Vince had begun to walk forward slowly, letting the beasts close the distance on him. Once they were in striking distance, Vince swung his blade twice. The first took down a beast while the second took another beast's head clean off. Some beasts had recoiled away at the suddenness of the kills, but they had charged forward t attack him. Vince had moved around extremely fast and had been fighting like he himself was a monster. He was ruthless, brutal, and efficient. I had never seen a Watchdog in action. One part of me had thought it was amazing, while another part was scared.
I had been too distracted by the fighting to notice that a beast had begun to approach me. It was another wold man, but it had been missing one of its eyes. Its remaining eye had stared through me, like it had seen me something other than human. It had seen me as a meal. I had reflexively screamed before I had started to back away. When I was backing away, I had ended up tripping on the outstretched limb of a corpse. I fell and had tried to crawl backwards, but the beast was getting closer before it had gotten ready to pounce. I had closed my eyes waiting for the pain that was to come, but I had heard a gunshot instead.
I had opened my eyes and had seen the beast lying dead. Its single remaining eye had been missing in a geyser of blood. I looked over and saw Vince with a smoking gun. Vince had a stern look in his eyes before turning back to face the last of the beasts. I had gotten back to his side once the last of the beasts had been dispatched. He had turned around with his somber but stern look.
"Find someplace safe and wait. If I'm not back before dawn, follow the path to Cinella. The beast mostly hunt at night. The walk shouldn't take more than a few hours."
I nodded my head in agreement and had went back to my family's home. Before I had shut the door, I looked back a waved to him.
"Good luck! Please don't die!"
He had gave a smirk and a thumbs up. It was reassuring, but I was still scared of what was to come. I locked the door and had made sure all of the windows on the first floor were blocked. I was making sure not one could get in. My dad had made a special locking mechanism that would block the windows and reinforce the door with a thick steel sheet. It was my mother's idea because she didn't want use to worry about losing someone because of a break in. The mechanism made sure that nothing could peer in or peer out, so I was able to light some candles.
After settling in and lighting the room, I went up and looked out my bedroom window. I had seen Vince walking and stopping before entering the forest. I had wave to him to see if he saw me. He had seen me and waved back before entering the forest. After I saw him leave, I had locked down the windows on the second floor and went back down stairs. I gather some things that I might need like some ammunition. My dad had taught me to use a firearm and I knew what type of ammunition my friend's weapon would use because he had explained it to me. I loaded the firearm and had returned to living room and had set up to survive. I looked at the clock and had seen that it was two in the morning. I had to wait about four to five hours for my uncle. If he didn't show up by six thirty, I had to leave for Cinella.
I had spent most of the time waiting in the living room of my home. The living room was the most comfortable area to move around in while also having the least amount of windows. While I was initially confident that the lock mechanism would keep the monsters out, I didn't want to test my defense. I could make the least amount of noise in the living room since I would have much less of a chance to accidentally knock something over and getting the attention of anything outside. The living room also had a door that had lead to the stairs, so I could get to my room if something did start to break in. My room was arguable the most well equipped to be a safe room. Don't know if all this could speak about how either my parents were well prepared or paranoid, but I guess the situation at had decided it was the former.
I remember listening to the noises outside. The ripping of flesh, the wet sound of blood and mud slushing, the growl of the wolf-man beasts. At first it had terrified me, but it eventually became white noise. I had constantly been thinking that the monsters would finish their meal outside and then realize that there was a little girl waiting in the house. My father had always told me that the monsters could smell our scent from miles around and would wait for the opportunity to attack. A town like Milsworth would have been an excellent opportunity for them if the Watchdogs hadn't been around. Guess they finally got their chance when the hunters had started to go scarce.
I eventually got to the point where I wasn't afraid to not constantly watch the door. I had started getting some books from my parent's study and had begun to read. I wasn't much for reading at the time, but I had nothing else to do. I had started to read several books, ranging from a picture book about a wandering knight and a novel about a pirate hunting a whale. I ended up getting though the picture book, getting tired of the whaling novel and ended up going back for other books. I eventually ended up noticing a small leather book. It was worn and tattered, but had caught my eye with the title.
Victor William's Monster Manual, Guide for Monsters Outside of Cinella
The journal was a collection of the monster's my father had discovered outside of Cinella as well as what he had know about them. I could curb my curiosity, so I ended up taking the book and reading it. To be completely honest, this monster manual is what made me want to write the Watchdog's Guide in the first place. I had seen probably a bit more than I could have expected. My father had detail sketches of the beast that he had encountered. The wolf-man were classified as "lesser beasts" and usually hunted in larger packs because of their relative lack of strength. Another category had creatures like the man-eating hogs which classified as "uncommon beasts" and had usually roamed alone and were highly aggressive. The third category was "greater threats" and had feature some monsters including a page about vampires and another page about "blood drunk hunters." Another category of creatures were what my dad called "Dalagamy" which were classified as a "Extreme Danger" with the advice of "avoid at all costs. Watchdogs unlikely to survive." The image he had sketched one of the beasts had scared me a bit before I had realized something. The noise from outside had gone silent.
I don't know what scarred me more, the noises of the monsters or the sudden stop to the noise. I had froze for a second and had looked to my window. The metal blocking the window had small holes that would allow light to shine through to see when daylight had arrived. I looked through and seen that it was still night. I remembering the fear of apprehension I had when I thought to check the door. I had had been able to peek through a small window at about eye height to check to see if someone was there. I had been reinforced with the door, but left open in the case I could see if the area was safe or if there was just another survivor. I remember going up to the door and getting ready to look through the window when a knocking had come to the door.
"Hello? Is anyone in there?"
It was a relatively familiar sounding guy. He didn't sound overly panicked or anything, but there was a shakiness to his voice.
"Hello? Please, someone answer."
"Hello. Are you okay?"
"Oh thank god! Someone is still alive. I need some help. Can you let me inside?"
Before anyone judges me for answering the door, I was like eight. I didn't know any better at that point. I will give myself a little bit of credit for not immediately opening the door.
"My dad says not to let anyone inside."
"Well... Y-your dad sent me to come and get you to take you some place safe. So, just open the door and I can help you."
"You just said that you needed help."
He was silent for a moment and had begun to speak again.
"Yeah... I needed help finding you because your dad sent me. I looked through several houses and couldn't find anyone alive, so I was desperate."
Normally, I probably would have accepted this answer, but I thought of my dad's warning to not let anyone inside. I was still suspicious of the man, but I had a way in mind to prove if my dad sent him.
"Did he say anything about finding my mom?"
"Yes! She's already at the shelter. I can take you to see her. All you have to do is let me in."
"No she's not... mom died a week ago."
The man had become silent as I think he realized he couldn't manipulate me into opening the door.
"My dad didn't send you, did he?"
The man was silent for a moment longer before the sudden pounding on the door began. The man had a mix of mournful pleas and grieving wails as he begged to be let inside.
"Please let me inside! I need to be inside!"
I think he was trying to appeal to my innocence and I probably would have let him in under normal circumstances. What made stopped me from letting his inside was what I read in my father's book. On the vampire page, vampires were said to be manipulative and scheming. They would try to manipulate their target into trusting them before attacking them. They fed off of blood and there was a developed stigma that vampires could only attack if you invited them in given their manipulative reputation.
"No! My dad says no one is allowed inside! Go away!"
The pounding had become more and more aggressive while his cries had become more and more angry by the second. His voice was no longer of someone panicked and vulnerable, but monstrous and filled with fury.
"Let me in! Let me in!"
The pounding became so intense that the door had begun to buckle and the reinforced window have begun to crack. I had begun to freeze up because I wasn't expecting anything to begin breaking down the door. I had back away before running into something. I backed into the banister for the stairwell to the upstairs I had grabbed my dad's book and my friend's firearm before I had ran up the stairs as the door began to give. The last view I had to the downstairs was the door being knocked down.
I ran down the hall and had gotten to my room. I locked the door and had gotten the metal reinforcement down in time for the knocking to start again. I heard the man's voice again wailing to be let in with immense fury. I initially planned on hiding before I realized that he knew I was in here. I thought of fighting back, but if my friend's gun couldn't have stopped a wolf-man, how was in going to stop the vampire outside my room? I looked around for a second before I realized the window. The window had looked over the courtyard of Milsworth and had been just above the porch where the front door was. The porch had a sort of roof over it to keep it dry from the rain. I could get out through the window and craw down to the porch then make a break for another building to hide. I wasn't sure how fast the vampire was or how loud I would be, but I thought if I could shut the window behind me, I could confuse him and have a chance to escape. It wasn't the best idea, but it was the best plan I could make at the moment.
I had removed the metal reinforcement on the window and had open the window. I had begun to crawl out the window and had made it out before I had managed to pull the metal reinforcement as far as I could down before shutting the window behind me. Before I could turn around, I felt a pair of hands grab me from under the arms. At that point, I had begun to scream bloody murder. I thought I was going to die. It was only that I realized that what ever had grabbed me had jumped down from the porch roof and set me down after distancing us from the house. I had stopped screaming for a second and had seen who had grabbed me. It was Vince's mentor. To me, my Uncle Dempsey.
I had realized who it was and had gave him a hug with tears in my eyes. I was excited to see him and relieved that I wasn't alone. I had let go of him before I had started to sob and explain what had happened. When I finished, Dempsey gave me a warm smile before speaking.
"Don't worry kiddo. I'll take care of this."
Dempsey had stood up and had turned back to the house. By now, the vampire had been back on the porch and staring us down. He was wearing terribly worn clothes, snow white skin, and had bright red iris for his eyes. The vampire had seemed shocked and fearful, like he wanted to run. Dempsey had crossed his arms before speaking in a stern, almost scolding tone.
"Didn't your momma tell ya not to play with your food? I guess either way she didn't raise you right because you're trying to kill a kid, much less this one."
The vampire still stood froze. I was unsure if it was because he had been outsmarted by a child or if he realized he was about to get minced.
"You're lucky it wasn't Vince or Victor who showed up. They wouldn't be as merciful."
The vampire's face had gone from fearful to an angry scowl. The vampire had seemed to got his courage up and had charged at Dempsey. Dempsey grabbed me before he dodged the attack. The movement was so fast that I couldn't even register what happened initially. Dempsey had sat me down on the porch before getting back to the threat at hand.
"Give me a second, Sweeting."
The vampire had attacked him multiple times before Dempsey had decided to end it. Dempsey apparently had been giving the vampire a taste of his own medicine. After toying with him, Dempsey had swept his legs and pinned him to the ground. Dempsey had unsheathed a large curved knife and had stabbed him through the heart. The vampire had screamed out in pain before he had stopped moving. Dempsey had walked over to me. He noticed I had my friend's firearm.
"Might I use that for a minute?"
"Oh! Sure."
I gave him the firearm and he looked at the gun.
"Decently made firearm. You using quicksilver bullets?"
"I... I don't know."
"Don't worry. I got few spare. I lost my shooter on the way over."
Dempsey had gotten a pure silver bullet off of his waistband and had loaded it into the firearm. He walked back over and I had noticed it. The vampire was still moving, even after sustaining a fatal injury. Without a proper method, vampires are near invincible. Dempsey had leveled the firearm to the vampire's head and pulled the trigger. The vampire had finally stopped moving as the bullet made contact. Dempsey had walked back and had handed me back the firearm.
"If you ever become a Watchdog, always make sure you double tap. Never hurts to be sure."
Dempsey had picked me up and had held me one his shoulder.
"So, what are we gonna do now Uncle Dempsey?"
"Well, my best bet would be to wait on Vince and your father to get back. I would rather have them come back with us rather than us wait for them at Cinella."
As Dempsey had finished speaking, we had noticed some figures moving into town from the darkened street. Dempsey had set me down and had reached for his blade, but he had settled his hand when he saw who it was. The figures were Vince and my father. Both looked pretty badly beaten, but my dad looked worse for ware. My dad had been using Vince as a support because he had been limping on one leg. Both of them had been beaten and bloodied, but still very much alive. Dempsey had set me down as he had a nonchalant look and tone.
"Huh... Short wait."
I had ran up to them and had given them both a hug. I think my dad had the worst of it on the account of the messed up leg. Vince had carried my father over to the porch and had sat him down so he could rest. I walked over to my father to see if he was okay while Vince went to talk to Dempsey. I remember asking my father all about what had happened and if they had stopped the beasts. He did confirm that the threat had been stopped, but he was vague with answering. I assume he didn't want to break my heart at what had happened. His issue was that I heard Vince and Dempsey talking.
"...We dealt with the threat. Henry was in the middle of it."
That's the part I overheard.
"Grandpa Henry?! You found him?! Where is he? Is he safe?"
I remember looking toward my father and he had closed his eyes and slouched his head. He took a deep sigh before he began to speak.
"Eva... Grandpa Henry is-"
"Eva, Grandpa Henry is in a better place. He went down fighting and his hunt has finally ended."
Vince had cut off my father before he could explain the situation. I like to think he lied to save me the pain.
"So he's not coming back?"
"No... but you will see him again. I promise."
For some reason, that response gave some solace. While I wouldn't see my grandfather for a while, at least he wasn't suffering. I think I would have been more upset if I had knew what he had become before he had died.
During the waning hours of the night, Vince and Dempsey had patched up my father and had made a makeshift splint and a make shift crutch. Dempsey had spent most of the time patching them up so they could get proper treatment back in Cinella. My father told me that we were going to live in Cinella for now on because it wasn't safe in Milsworth anymore, obviously. I remember when the light had started to come back and the darkness began to resend, we had begun our journey to Cinella. I remember Uncle Vince carrying me over his shoulder when I had looked back toward Milsworth. I think I saw something I probably shouldn't have.
"Look! Grandpa Henry."
Vince, Dempsey, and my dad all turned around to look at Milsworth. Vince tilted his head before lookingn up at me speaking.
"There's no one there Eva."
I looked back and Henry was gone. I rubber my eyes and looked again. Henry still wasn't there. Dempsey had looked at us and spoke.
"You probably are just seeing things kid. Why don't you just go to sleep. You have been up for a while."
I was about to argue, but I did feel the tiredness start to take over. Vince had started carrying me on his side so I could rest my head on his shoulder. As I closed my eyes, I looked back again and saw Henry again. This time he was waving, like he was trying to get my attention. I raised my hand to wave back, but soon fell asleep after.
When I woke up, we were back in Cinella again. I had slept through most of the trip and life had started to change for me. I had started spending more time with my Uncle Vince and we had developed a closer relationship overall. I remember for a short time he had grown distant from me, but I chocked it up to him being stressed by the hunt. I eventually learned what had happened during that time and why he had grown distant. Vince eventually had become more mellowed out after the incident and seemingly much more open. This was also about the time he had adopted a certain set of plates.
My father had eventually retired from the hunt because his leg injury eventually caught up with him. He had never became a mentor hunter. My father decided he would spend his days crafting weapons for the hunt instead of using them. I guess he wanted to help fight the beasts, but wasn't going to get himself killed. Guess my mother's mentality had rubbed off on him. He still makes weapons to this day, but he likes to craft smaller, more innocent trinkets like toys and instrument, but that arc is a whole different story.
As for me, I obviously became a huntress for the Watchdogs when I turned sixteen. Surprisingly, I didn't have too much of a personality change other than have a more love for fighting, as is for all Watchdogs. I started off with a team of hunters and we've seen some crazy stuff outside of Cinella, but that is some stories for later. I already have someone who will give the next story. For now, just remember that whatever pain you feel now, it paves the way for greatness.
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I started listening to this podcast called “Two hot takes” and in one of the episodes they were talking about wedding proposals and what they thought was right to do while proposing etc.. After listening to that story I started imagining a lot of ways I’d like to be proposed: I imagined being in an apartment with view to the Eiffel Tower having a dinner with no lights expect for candles and after having dinner starting dancing to the sound of jazz music ( my fav btw) and then while dancing approaching the window, him hugging me from behind and suddenly I stare behind me and he’s on his knees… I literally can’t stop thinking about this but im too young to get married or even starting thinking about it. Do you guys have other ways you’d like to be proposed? If you want to get married and even if you don’t share some ideas with us.
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I (20M) was supposed to finish my associates this year, but I got into an argument with my parents about my ideas in the workplace (I want to be a police officer) I didn’t need an associates for the department that I wanted to work in, but they wanted me to go to college. Now that I started applying for the police academy my father started to voice his concerns, saying that I should change my major to electrical engineering and no son of his will be a police officer, I have always wanted to join the force and now it just seems like everything is crumbling down. He has threatened to take everything I bought (car in his name for insurance reasons) and disown me. What’s annoying me is that this entire time he hasn’t said a thing about it and now all of a sudden he comes out with this, I don’t know what to do.
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It saddens him, exploits it, hides it, expresses it, that the poetic reach of the rencerarium has little to do with feelings, like love, like daylight. In any case it is frustration, pain or despair, among others.
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