STRIKE (Blockchain P2P payments app similar to cashapp) - Get $5 in BTC, no deposit required - Withdraw to bank or send to BTC wallet. [US RESIDENTS]

2021.10.19 23:34 zerofied-crypto STRIKE (Blockchain P2P payments app similar to cashapp) - Get $5 in BTC, no deposit required - Withdraw to bank or send to BTC wallet. [US RESIDENTS]

Strike Offer - Screenshot
Proof of rewards - Screenshot
Referral Link:
Referral Code: NE65TV (enter manually when signing up if link does not apply the code)
!!!! Does not require you to send $5 first like Cashapp, no deposit necessary!!!!
​Signup for strike and get $5 , no deposit required, this is a cashapp like app, in-fact its really really similar. You can cash out to bank or debit card, or convert to bitcoin.

Purchasing Bitcoin is extremely cheap almost 0 fee, Example I bought $10 worth with my first 2 rewards and ended up with $9.97 worth. Not only is the fee extremely cheap they also don't try to advertise cheap fee and then hide it inside of a large spread.

Another excellent feature is if you pay someone via a received bitcoin lightening network invoice you get satoshi's back.

Also it is extremely cheap to send bitcoin to a wallet or certain exchanges since it operates on the lightening network and has segwit support.

Example: I sent $9.97 worth of btc to Binance Dex and ended up with $9.91

About Strike

Strike is a mobile payments app that allows users to send and receive money anywhere, instantly, for free. Strike is built on top of the Bitcoin network – the largest global, interoperable, and open payments standard. Strike believes that open payment networks enable universal participation in the financial system, ushering in a new digital economy with truly borderless money transfers. Strike leverages Bitcoin’s open payment network to offer users the first global peer-to-peer payments app and a novel bitcoin-native financial experience. Learn more at
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2021.10.19 23:34 ArtDudeDer I'm very lonely but with a twist

I'm in weird situation right now.
I have very interesting job with very nice income for the place where I live. This is freelance thing, and it takes not too much time. Actually I can make a work free month or 2 at almost any time I want and I can buy almsot anything I want, not like a house right away, but nice guitar with amp and few pedals wasn't a problem.
So my problem is: I have nobody around me and I feel myself really lonely. I live alone, I'm pretty young, but I have bad relationship with my family and have no IRL friends at all. And I'm going out to the street only to the grocery store once a week.
I tried to find someone on tinder, but I've got about 0 matches, so yeah. Maybe someone know some ways or maybe apps or personal stories to help find someone I can get along with?
And sorry for my english, I hope everything here is understandable. Thanks for your time
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2021.10.19 23:34 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Rahel Chiwitt

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2021.10.19 23:34 punkinpuree Soft water? Borax needed?

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2021.10.19 23:34 CHRISVALD The Pakistan Mummy: Was this Persian Princess the Daughter of Xerxes? - Historic Mysteries

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2021.10.19 23:34 Zadso External SSD power draw?

For those planning to mount an SSD externally, do you think it will make a meaningful impact to the battery life?
On one hand it'll definitely increase power draw, but on the other if you're gaming off of it then the power draw would probably be significantly lower on the base SSD/eMMC due to the external drive being the one that's being actively used, so it may actually lead to an insignificantly higher power draw rather than anything meaningful?
This is my theory at least but I'd like to see some more input from people who actually know what they're on about; I tried to find some info on external SSD power draw but couldn't find much. Only that an idle SSD does not consume much power which is what inspired this theory.
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2021.10.19 23:34 r_retrohacking_mod2 Atari arcade games October 2021 uploads to Historical Source

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2021.10.19 23:34 MelissaMcHe Transparent Gradient Muddy

Transparent Gradient Muddy I'm making a logo that needs to have an object fade transparent. At first, I did this by creating a freeform gradient and setting the endpoint to 0% opacity. This looked good on a white background but muddy on a dark background. I also tried creating an opacity mask, but that also looked trash. Does anyone know what I should do? I need that gradient to look nicer since it will be used on a variety of background colors.
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2021.10.19 23:34 One-Chainz These came in today! They are beautiful!

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2021.10.19 23:34 StudentTeacher278 I dont know how to handle things anymore

My dad was diagnosed with dementia after he had a stroke.he is slow after his stroke but there is nothing wrong with his mind.he is on a handful of medication to help keep blood thin, help him sleep, help his cholesterol and for some reason parkinsons medication because the doctor says it will give him more energy. It is hard to except that my dad has dementia but what puts the cherry on the cake is he has cataracts and cannot see very well. Because of his eyes he is depressed and seems to have given up on life. He even talked about blowing his brains out because of it.he was on anti-depressants but it just made him sick so we took him off. My mom who is his carer is also very depressed and talks about wanting to die and that seeing my dad as he is, is killing her slowly but surely.i do not know how to handle things anymore. It hurts to see my dad in his hurts even more that he won't even try doing better. He can do exercise and move around and do things but he refuses to. I don't understand people have been in comas and have woken up and put effort into getting better, people have gone blind and learned to adapt and figure out how to do things. But he just does nothing. It makes me feel so angry..i still carry lots of hate over things my dad did and said when i was younger...many things he said shaped how i turned out as a person. The worst is when he would get full on violent and angry when i was on my cellphone a lot. That was his peeve and he beat me with a book over my head with book because of it. He has hit me a few times over it as well and i was not a stupid kid when it happend i was 21 or 23. ( i am now 28). My mom says i must talk out my problems with my dad but what's the point.
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2021.10.19 23:34 Kill_me_now_0 Scout camps

So I think there should be scout camps with 3-10 soldiers in it I think they should be built close to a enemy kingdom and just stay there maybe making a save place to launch an attack
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2021.10.19 23:34 Dmitriyy41 MeetKevin: GameStop & Robinhood Fraud with Marc Cohodes

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2021.10.19 23:34 MovieBuff0603 Super low expectations but....I'll check it out I guess

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2021.10.19 23:34 FlamJamMcRam one too many bowls of milk i guess

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2021.10.19 23:34 techdoodle357 Choice Business Laptop??

Hey everyone if you could indulge me for a second I would love to know your thoughts. If you could purchase a laptop or desktop today for your day to day work activities what would it be and what is your sector that you work in? This isn’t a marketing ploy to gain your business I am just wanting to know what the industry is using or would use.
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2021.10.19 23:34 www-SpaceRace2-com Upvote my post and I will upvote your comment - Thank you so much!

:) upvote this comment and I will upvote your comment
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2021.10.19 23:34 ifoic00 MUSIC ON!!!!!!!!

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2021.10.19 23:34 myrmekochoria David Koresh taken at the Mount Carmel compound, 1981

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2021.10.19 23:34 Unhappy-Slip7236 Qui a un iPad ou tablette pour cum dessus sur ma pote ?

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2021.10.19 23:34 exhausted-narwhal Sounds like a Classroom Management Problem not an IEP Problem

I am so sick of regular ed teachers emailing or calling me to tell me so and so is on their phone in class. Or is talking to other kids in class. That is not a case manager issue, it's a classroom management issue.
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2021.10.19 23:34 bravetag Can you create a mailing list for your RSS feed to Gmail workflow?

I have a widget and I want to allow users to subscribe to our RSS feed. Is it possible to do this only with a Wordpress widget, a RSS feed and a Gmail account? In my understanding, this isn't possible, but maybe there's a workflow that would allow me to do this without a service like MailChimp?
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2021.10.19 23:34 honor332 💫 Will we BEAT ATH again? 🚀 FairToken Cake - Make money in a different way – LP locked – only 159k market cap – more than 35k USD in TREASURY

If you are too lazy to read, just check the chart. That will convince you.
After the first month, the ATH is under siege again. 🚀🚀🚀
It seems that after the weekend with HPS, our HOLDERs are keeping their positions unbroken.
No wonder, as more and more people are seeing the value of TREASURY and know they have found a stable project.
How do you see it? Will you join us?
No more empty promises, so we show you the REAL solution. It is real because it actually generates a return even if there is no trading at all.
We split the rewards into two groups:
The DAILY reward after trades and the WEEKLY PayDay that the TREASURY generates for the Holders by staking.
DAILY Reward: 50% of rewards tax will be paid every evening for Holders in CAKE
WEEKLY PayDay: 50% goes to TREASURY which earns interest for the holders by staking, paid every MONDAY
💥 FRTC renewed after 1st month:
👀 Max wallet size expanded from 0.25% to 0.50%
👀 Buy Tax reduced from 17% to 12%
👀 Sell Tax reduced from 25% to 19%
Minimum tokens for rewards: 3.000.000 FRTC
Max wallet size: 50.000.000 FRTC (0.5%)
⚖️ Buy Tax - 12% (9% Reward)
⚖️ Sell Tax - 19% (16% Reward)
🛡 HPS shield Tax - 45% (37% Reward)
✅ Doxxed team, come and chat with us on tg.
🌎 BRAND NEW website: 🌎
🚀CA 🚀 0xb16d8c2a78f2acd75a63b37e8ce6bccbbd8d8f9e
If you have a minute, fill in our form:
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2021.10.19 23:34 H3racIes Am I Brazilian?

My grandma was born in Germany. She moved to Brazil and birthed my aunt and uncle. Then they all moved to the United States and then my grandma birthed my mom. And now I'm here in the U.S. I always grew up thinking I was Brazilian and eating Brazilian food on special occasions and talking about Brazil growing up. I recently did an ancestry and noticed I had 0% Brazilian and was so confused but I guess it makes sense when looking at the bloodline? Idk it confuses me since I had family born in Brazil and we always talked about it like we were Brazilian but based off of bloodline, we're not?
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2021.10.19 23:34 Romxxxx [USA-NC] [H] Omen prebuilt with 3060 ti NON LHR and 5800x , 11600k, x570 [W] Local cash / PayPal

Local zip: 28278 Charlotte
The HP Omen prebuilt - $1450 - opened box, used only once to see whether the 3060 ti LHR or FHR. It is FHR based on the code name. Other specs are: 5800x, liquid cooler, 16gb 3200mhz ram, 1tb nvme sad, micro ATX b550 motherboard, 750 watt cooler master platinum psu. The psu and motherboard are normal size, so you can re-use them. Local only
11600k - $220 local, $230 shipped PayPal. Brand New never opened
x570 Aorus Pro Wifi $200 local, $225 shipped- Used only once to test out a Ryzen CPU. Take $10 dollar of if you let me keep the wifi antenna
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2021.10.19 23:34 helloimkev 4i4 3rd gen keeps disconnecting

I've got a 4i4 3rd gen which is giving me some grief at the moment. It's always been a bit hit and miss with being visible to the Control software. Usually a quick unplug/plug back in or reboot gets it talking again.
Today audio playback failed when I was tracking guitars in GarageBand. Since then it keeps disconnecting. If I play anything I hear the first maybe half second of music then there's a brief buzz/hiss (like an old TV that needed tuning) then it dies and reverts to built-in speakers on my iMac. When this happens the Control software shows no hardware connected for a second and the lights all illuminate on the unit as if it's just been powered up.
I've rebooted ad infinitum, updated the Control software, tried various different USB ports, a different USB cable. I've even tried in another laptop, which seemed to work OK (though only playing sound through a browser, nothing strenuous). When I plugged back into my iMac it played for maybe 20 seconds before going back to the disconnecting behaviour. It's almost like something is shorting out and forcing it to reboot.
I've not found anybody describing the same exact problem and I seem to have exhausted the suggestions on the Focusrite help pages. The only thing that's a bit strange is FocusriteControlServer (per this page this page) never seems to be running. Turning it on doesn't solve the problem, but I just wondered if it could be linked.
Before I try to log a support case with Focusrite, has anybody had a similar problem and could help with remedying it? I've enjoyed using the Scarlett but the random connectivity is starting to become a nuisance.
FYI I'm running BigSur 11.6 on a 2017 iMac.
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