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2021.09.23 13:03 BlandVest00 230921 WOODZ - [ONLY LOVERS LEFT] CONCEPT IMAGES 1

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2021.09.23 13:03 captainimpossible87 Sting vs Dustin

They're both doing their own thing right now, but I really want to see those two old boys in the ring together. One-on-one, tag team, trios, whatever.
Both guys just defy age.
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2021.09.23 13:03 Mandahrk I took an experimental drug to improve my memory. It went about as well as you would expect.

It was a stupid fucking idea, I know.
In my defense though, it really felt like I had no other choice. I had procrastinated all throughout the year, letting assignment after assignment pile up until a mountain of academic work glared down at me weeks before my finals. Of course, I had to lie and beg and plead in front of every single professor to wish this mountain into existence in the first place. It was a miracle that they didn't just toss me out on my ass.
I was desperate, willing to do fucking anything to claw my way out of this hole I had willingly jumped down into. I did NOT want to fail and go back to my shithole of a hometown.
So when my buddy Travis called me and told me he had the answer to all my problems, I almost fainted from the cocktail of relief and thrill that flooded my veins. Every word that slurred out of his mouth sounded ridiculous - as it usually does - but I ate that shit up like I hadn't ever heard anything more reasonable before in my entire life. A free experimental drug that improves my memory? Enhances my brain power by over ten times?
Sign me the fuck up!
"This is the shit bro!" He said, giggling, sending smoke steaming out of his nose. The stench of weed clung to him like grease on a pan. "You'll get all your fuckin' homework done by tomorrow morning. Trust me!"
I took the pills from his hand and slammed the door shut in his face.
Giddy with excitement, I marched back to my study table, plopped myself down on my creaky swivel chair and popped those suckers right into my mouth, not even bothering to take some water to push them down my throat. My father would have called me a junkie had the old fucker still been alive. I shook my head with a chuckle, threw my headphones on, and immediately tackled my work with renewed vigour.
The effects were almost immediate. My eyes widened, my scalp began tingling, sweat trickled out of every pore on my forehead and my heartbeat quickened. I felt like a horse pawing at the ground, ready to charge into battle.
And then it happened. Things actually started to make sense. All those equations and concepts I had struggled with, all those theories that had flown over my head, they all started to register in my brain. It was like a colossal machine with millions of cogs and wheels had suddenly been disassembled in front of my eyes, only to be put back together in a way that made me understand each working part. And the whole. I licked my finger and flicked page after page, letting all the knowledge wash over me and into me. My hand flew over my notebook, scribbling down solutions to complex mathematical problems that just an hour ago had seemed as incomprehensible as hieroglyphics.
Euphoria welled in the pit of my belly as I checked my watch. Only ten minutes had passed and I had already started and finished a paper. God, if I kept going at this pace I would be done long before dawn. I might even get some decent sleep. My wrist was starting to hurt because of the frenetic pace at which I was working. But it was worth it. Anything for that degree.
The clock ticked by, and sweat plastered my shirt to my body as I continued to study.
The drug was working well.
And then it worked a little too well.
It started with a fly drifting above my left hand at the edge of my vision. I frowned, slapped my other hand down, catching the bloody thing in the crack between my fingers. I brought my hand up and observed the little insect squirming and wriggling, trying to escape from between my fingers. My mouth widened when I saw that it wasn't a fly at all, but the letter "W." Had the texture of sandpaper.
My mouth moved silently.
What the fuck?
More such flies, no, letters appeared in my vision, drifting upwards like dustmotes in a beam of retreating sunlight. The fucking letters were peeling themselves off the book I was reading! I tried to catch them in my hands and slap them back down.
No, you little fucks. You are not running away. Not when I'm this close to saving my glorious academic career. I furiously swatted at them, but they refused to obey, slipping out of my grasp at the very last moment, almost every single time. My attempts to smite them down seemed to have enraged them, for they froze, a hundred letters getting stuck in air before exploding into a frenzy, coalescing into a shivering and swirling mass, like those shifting black clouds made by mosquitoes above a person's head in a tropical jungle.
Then the letters swarmed me, nipping and scratching at my flesh. I yelped and tried to bat them off as I stumbled and fell out of my chair and onto my ass. The pain was excruciating, like a thousand needles slowly sinking into the flesh of my face and neck. Tears ran in rivulets down my cheeks as I writhed on the floor.
It's not real, I told myself. Just a bad trip. Yeah, a bid trip. Shouldn't have taken an untested drug that was still in the experimental stage you fool!
Just a bad trip.
And with that thought, the letters were gone. But not the pain. No, that remained, a throbbing, pulsating suggestion that maybe what I had just experienced hadn't all been just a drug-wrought illusion. I sucked in a couple of panicked breaths and gingerly touched my face. The skin felt raw, and my trembling fingers came off hot and sticky. They were coated with blood and some strange yellow fluid. Was that pus? Good god.
I pushed myself onto my hands and knees.
A scream threatened to rip from my throat at what I saw. The floor was gone. And not just of my room, but the floors of all the rooms below mine, right down to the fucking ground. And even that ground was missing. The foundation of the building, the loose top soil, the packed dirt, the bedrock, and all the layers of metamorphic rock that lay underneath it. All gone. Vamished. It was like I was kneeling on a perfectly transparent sheet of glass. I could see an ocean of molten lava churning beneath my hands. Great swells of magma crashed against one another, sending sparks flying into the air.
I could feel the heat on the palms of my hands, feel it wash over my face. Fear coiled around my chest.
Not real. Not real. Not real.
I turned my face away, tried to look elsewhere.
Bad idea.
The walls of my room were gone too, and I could see thousands of miles straight ahead. Through trees and stone and concrete and hills and forests and gigantic mountains, right upto the spot where the earth curved. There my vision faded into an otherworldly shimmering mist. I squeezed my eyes shut, grit my teeth so hard I could almost feel them grind away, layer by layer.
That's when the sound exploded in my ears. My fearful, shivering breaths, my racing heartbeat, the whirring of the ceiling fan, the honking of cars outside, a million conversations, tapping of boots on stone, chittering of birds, grinding of construction equipment, roar of aeroplanes and lions, gunfire and screams and the gentle lapping of waves on a canoe in a river on the other side of the world.
I could feel blood trickling out of my ears. I tried to stem the flow by clapping my hands tight on them. I curled up on the floor, crying and blubbering.
Not real. Not real. Just a bad trip.
A really fucking bad trip.
Then a voice pierced through the cacophony, silencing the noise with the grace of a conductor bringing a most exquisite composition to an end.
"It's not a trip, kiddo. I'm afraid it's very real. More real than anything you've ever felt."
My heartbeat ground to a halt. I could feel the muscles in my heart stretching in agony as I recognised the voice. It was my father.
"Dad." I cried, my voice like stone dragging against a sheet of glass. "What's happening to me?"
"You've opened doors that should have stayed shut, son."
"What - what does that mean?" I stammered.
I heard footsteps. Leather shoes clicking on glass. "It's the human experience. The sum total of touch, sight, sound, smell. Hmm.. taste too? Yes. So limited. So, so limited. An island, no, flotsam drifting in an ocean of infinity. A most angry, violent ocean. Not what such a weak consciousness can handle. No siree."
"You're not making any sense. What the hell are you talking about?"
The footsteps came to a stop. Somewhere near me, I think. I couldn't really trust my senses anymore. I wanted to open my eyes and see who was talking to me, whether it was really Dad. But I couldn't do it. I was so very afraid.
"The world as you perceive it to be isn't even a fraction of the real thing, kiddo. Not even the tip of the iceberg. No, more like trying to look at the murky depths of an ocean from the surface. Can't be done. Try too hard and you'll drown. Heh, like you're doing right now. It's the limitations you see? The spectrum of visible light, the sound range that your ears can comprehend. Restrictions, to protect the fragile human mind and body."
"What?" I asked.
"Hmmm…" he said, as if thinking of ways to simplify things. "You're starting to perceive the world for what it really is, son. And it's tearing you apart."
"How do I stop? What should I do?"
I got no response. Frustrated, I snapped my eyes open to look at him. To see what he was. What I saw broke my mind. The world was alight with rays from across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. I could sense the heat in things I couldn't see around me, feel which spots crackled with the best radio coverage. I could see everything and nothing all at once, two impossibilities superimposed on top of one another. Jagged beams of light criss-crossed all around me. Fractals of strange colours I had never seen before in my life began blooming like flowers in front of my eyes. Over and over and over, different colours each time, in a kaleidoscopic insanity. Brighter than green, duller than pink. Ugh, how exactly do you describe colours you've never seen before? Colours that shouldn't really exist?
"You really shouldn't have done that."
I turned, the world of bright lights and colours twisting and shifting with me. A short distance to my right was an amorphous black blob, roughly the size of a human and studded with a thousand tiny glittering stars. It seemed to be observing me. Was this the thing that had taken on my father's voice?
"What are you?" I asked.
"A failsafe." The blob quivered. "You need to leave, son. Like, now."
I opened my mouth to ask another question, but was quickly stopped in my tracks by the harsh sound of static that filled my ears. It stormed my head, made my jaw ache. It was soon followed by a high pitched keening noise, like the deafening cry of an enormous whistling kettle. I could feel the sound like a rusted needle scraping at my eardrums, making them bleed. I fell on my knees again, screaming in pain. I tried to close my eyes, but something was stopping me. It was as if I'd lost total control over the relevant muscles.
The blob clicked my Dad's tongue. "Oh, kiddo. You're in trouble now. They've noticed you."
"They?" I bellowed. "Who?"
"The ones who see the world for what it is, live in it. Colossal monsters that rule the ocean of infinity."
The noise grew louder. More excruciating.
"What the fuck are you talking about? Make this stop. Please!"
The sounds vanished with a pop, leaving me with the hollow hum of a wounded ear. My neck turned, involuntarily, to my left. I tried to fight it but was completely incapable of doing so. A tear opened up in the air in front of me, a thin vertical beam of light that cut through what should be. The maddening swirls of lights and colours danced away from it, almost as if by conscious decision. The gash widened and plain white light spilled out. My gaze was forcibly drawn towards the light, towards the wound in the air. My spine shivered as I saw the immensity of the space beyond. It filled me with terrifying awe. How could something this large exist? This space seemed to dwarf the universe itself. No, it encompassed it, contained it within itself like a matchbox in a skyscraper.
Something immense hauled itself around in that space. Something larger than a planet, and sentient. It observed me with a certain bemused curiosity. I could feel the weight in its gaze, like I was trapped underground after a cave collapse and the rocks and boulders were ever so slowly sinking into my back, squashing me flat like a bug. My chest felt hollow as it shook with each rasping breath. Then I felt a tug on my head and I was melting, turning less and less solid, before spiralling towards the hole, like water swirling down a bathtub drain.
"Hang on. This is gonna hurt."
I was on fire. The heat of a furnace blasted out from within me, consuming my bones and flesh. I howled as the crimson flames licked at my existence, devouring me layer by layer.
Then I was out.
I woke up gasping, desperately trying to squeeze in as much air as I possibly could into my starving lungs. Sweat seemed to ooze out of me.
I was lying flat on my back, gazing up at the whirring ceiling fan of my dorm room. My head lolled to the right and I noticed the impossible traces of the fire, scorch marks on the charred hardwood floor beneath me.
Dear God. It was real.
My heart thudded in my ribcage as a cold realisation slowly sank into my brain.
That what I had seen and felt was real and not a drug induced hallucination was not what scared me so bad. No, what truly frightened me was that I wanted to see it all, feel it all again. The colours, the lights, the sounds, the magnificence of it all. My soul was drawn to it like a moth to lava.
My world, as I was now experiencing it, was solid and bland. Held no interest for me anymore.
And I knew... that as much as the thought frightened me, I was going to find Travis again. And see if he had any more of those damn pills.
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2021.09.23 13:03 artbysahasa Black and Gold polymer clay Mobula Ray sculpture, with beaded copper wire wave.

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2021.09.23 13:03 jstud_ RESULTS: AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Edition Pick 'Em 9/22/21 - Events get graded shortly after, so maybe you saw this last night but I didn't want to spam the subreddit. TOP 5 = Daran111, Krak2511, DogAssss69, matticusblack, kmccarthy27! CONGRATS! I'm the dev (jstud_), as always, suggestions welcome!

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2021.09.23 13:03 PRCbubu What are some of the life decisions that your parents made for you, for your betterment....but turned out to be absolute disastrous?

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2021.09.23 13:03 Perfect-Carry-5612 When do u notice any difference after weight loss?

I have gone down from 108kg to 95kg and don't notice any difference at all.
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2021.09.23 13:03 enchalumayf Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen warn against turning “concrete challenges, which will always exist between allies.

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2021.09.23 13:03 tigertimvr Blood & Oil Mod map Wardust

The map for saturday 25th is Blood & Oil

Click on "Community Mods" on the main menu and join the server with the most players.

Regular War Dust Play


Recon the map from today.
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2021.09.23 13:03 Coopee92 Selected the McLaren F1 as first car, but somehow changed it to the Super Snake which I haven’t upgraded. Nice one NM 👍🏼

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2021.09.23 13:03 z0inkSSc00by I'll probably be fine. Probably.

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2021.09.23 13:03 vishalhkothari Here at UniLend Finance we believe in education and this is how you can start with Metamask

Here at UniLend Finance we believe in education and this is how you can start with Metamask
Inquisitive about the crypto world? 📷We here at UniLend got you sorted. Begin your crypto lending journey with UniLend Permissionless Protocol by simply creating your first cryptocurrency wallet using MetaMask
Checkout our blog here: https://medium.com/@edunilend/create-your-ethereum-wallet-using-metamask-f741fffa6f71
👥 Join us :
Website | Telegram Community | Announcements Channel | Twitter | Blog | Github | Instagram
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2021.09.23 13:03 Real_Affect39 Mega houndoom 9624 2904 8439

Adding max 10, will start with a minimum of 5, if we have 5 DO NOT LEAVE
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