sorry for dying the entire day I was with my sister

My sister was right. The Lord will provide dying grace when it’s needed. Before he died, my brother asked me to tell this story because he wanted you to know that Jesus is as real as much as ... He wants my mother’s heart rate measured in a day ward in the hospital. The day ward, he promises, not the emergency unit, but she goes at 11 and hasn’t come back by 4pm, so I call the day ... The mist difficult thing beside watching him dying in my arms (maybe I was wrong ti hold him) is to start thinking what I did wrong with his nutrition. It is torturing to think that he died that young because of me. We lived him very much. Even our cats were in love with him. And he was part of my family. google user on January 03, 2019: My sister died from a sickness thought to be lupus but never confirmed. She died in the ICU and couldn't speak as a result of tubes in her throat but as mentioned in the poem, her eyes told me a lot. She was 28. Although death is one of the hardest things we will ever have to deal with, I do trust that I will see her again. This too I mentioned according to my Bible beliefs based on Acts 24:15 ... Am I dying or is this my birthday? When she woke briefly during her last illness and found all her family around her bedside. ~~ Lady Nancy Astor, d. 1964. Nothing, but death. When asked by her sister, Cassandra, if there was anything she wanted. ~~ Jane Austen, writer, d. July 18, 1817. Codeine . . . bourbon. There are still people dying of COVID-19 nearly every day. For their loved ones, the world is far from normal By Amanda Kaufman Globe Staff, Updated June 24, 2021, 7:50 a.m. My big sister passed away in '04, two days before my 15th birthday, at the young age of 19. A car accident suddenly ripped her away from my mother and I. Not a day goes by that I still don't think of her, there is not a time that I visit her grave and I don't shed tears. Since my grandma owns the trailer, she gave my sister permission to enter and gather my brother's stuff. My sister called the ASPCA on the dogs to get them homes. The dogs were in awful shape. One of them is so bad with mange. We felt we did the right thing. As my sister was taking the animals, my brother's wife shows up. Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst Lyrics: When the lights shut off and it's my turn / To settle down, my main concern / Promise that you will sing about me / Promise that you will sing about me ... My father’s deepest sorrow in life is also my own: the death of his daughter, my sister, in a car accident 34 years ago. I did not see my sister’s body in death. I was told it would be too upsetting to see her bruised and shattered. These many years later I am sure that it would have been, yet I wish I had done it.

2021.09.23 13:42 Lil-Milkdud sorry for dying the entire day I was with my sister

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2021.09.23 13:42 LuminesPlayThing This community is too entitled

Edited to be appropriate
A company ( Mihoyo) comes up with a plan to make a game, which is now known as genshin impact. Beforehand they had to invest 100s of millions of dollars into the game development, this amount doesn’t even include the amount they spent on music or advertisements fees.
Mihoyo made Genshin impact, they made a top quality triple a game, the game could’ve been a hit or miss but it was successful due to its quality.
Now Mihoyo gives us , the players a free game with open world mechanics, free characters, interesting lore, story and monthly updates for free. The amount of currency free players get, if they’ve been playing from launch they’ll have around 6-10 five star characters.
Mihoyo also offers two reasonable value packages. The welking and the battlepass which is a great way light spenders can support the game
Let me get this fact straight: f2p your not entitled to complain about the rewards Mihoyo gives to us, for free. You consume their product without paying a single penny yet you have the audacity to complain that Mihoyo is being greedy.
Mihoyo has contributed more to their community than a majority of the people reading this post. They’ve donated millions to charity , opened up schools in China, set up youth development programs. And you what have you done to contribute to society? Other than leaching of a free game and saying x company is greedy ?
It’s disgusting,
F2p contribute nothing to the game financially and yet have the loudest mouth.
And the logic “we give Mihoyo free advertising” is invalid. You play solely for the purpose of your own satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want to consume a free product if it’s so good ?
The anniversary rewards are completely fine. Over 20 pulls and some community events. The top is reset alone is enough.
No matter what rewards Mihoyo gives you, you’ll take it and continue playing their game like addicted beings.
If the anniversary rewards are enough to ruin your experience for this game, you should just quit the game. Mihoyo ain’t forcing you to play , they ain’t begging you to come play , nor are they paying you to play. Yet you act like your entitled to more rewards than what Mihoyo decides to give you ? Your given a good base product. You want more currency : pay for it.
Want more primos ? Get a job work for your money then buy primos. You can’t honestly sit down and expect to be spoon fed everything. There are many other gatcha games out there. You don’t like what you get from genshin? Then please i ask people complaining to leave the game and go find a gatcha that will give you 200 pulls for anniversary.
The currency we receive in genshin is more valuable that other turned based gatcha , or any other gatcha games in general. We’re giving characters with fleshed out models, well designed clothes, detailed story and really good voice acting. No other Gatcha game character value can compete with genshin
I’m a whale in genshin. I’m still in highschool Im working and studying hard. I have a part time job while balancing it my education. I want more primos ? I pay for it.
It’s useless to go and cause uproar cause Mihoyo ain’t showering you in currency . Ive spent an amount of 5300€ + in this game. I’m satisfied with the current state of the game and the anniversary rewards. No amount of anniversay rewards would stop players from whaling , it might displease some Players and some may even leave , Mihoyo doesn’t care. Thier marketing strategy is meant to appeal to the whales/ spenders while the F2p should be satisfied with the base game they get for free. You have no right to complain about a free product.
Baal banner sales shows how much influence and spenders genshin impact has. After a year , they are still breaking revenue records.
Players need to, go outside, get a job. If you can’t get a job get some work experience or do something productive that will contribute to your personal life or society
Your addicted to this game. Even if mihoyo decides to give us no anniversary rewards you will continue playing. You have emotional attachments to the characters or the core game itself. You enjoy playing genshin. You know if you leave there’s no other community or gatcha game as great as genshin. You can’t leave . All complaints and barks yet no action. So behave.
Even after reading this post, some of you will complain in the comments , yet you’ll still log on to consume your daily resin . And do your daily commissions.
Genshin has us in its clasp. We love the game. We can’t stop playing it. All your cries for the betterment of rewards would go unnoticed why ? Cause Reddit and Twitter are non existent to China . The only way the community can make an impact or make mihoyo listen to their voices is to refrain from spending on this game completely. Whales to stop whaling. Spenders to not contribute at all. How likely is that going to happen ?
This game is doing what it has intended to be doing from the start . They give us a good free top quality base game. While at the same time they make billions back in return !!!! Their marketing strategy is genius . Baal banner made over 670million $ revenue alone from all platforms, that shows they know how to market their product
Genshin impact is the best gatcha hame currently on the market. They don’t need to use rewards to draw in players. The game itself already does a great job doing that and they still spend millions on advertising.
Go play a gatcha game that gives you 250 free summons and leave a comment about the quality of that game compared to genshin
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2021.09.23 13:42 arkanista Are we capable of calling ourselves on our own bullshit?

So... are we (you?) capable of calling yourself on your own bullshit or are you so married to your established framework, that unless some new obvious evidence comes to light, you'll keep to the bullshit without realizing, even if you think you overanalyzed it to the point that you think it's solid?
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2021.09.23 13:42 LouQuacious Central African Republic war: No-go zones and Russian meddling

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2021.09.23 13:42 bloopinfo Why CUT UP VEST?

Girl got fired and they cut up her vest. Coworker resigned and they cut up his vest. Just curious why? Also the POS is crap.
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2021.09.23 13:42 Inner_Director_4047 Sparpläne neben Hauptdepot

Hallo zusammen,
ich bin durch eher unglückliche Ereignisse Erbe geworden. Nach Verkauf der Immobilie und Aufteilung der Vermögenswerte innerhalb der Erbengemeinschaft beläuft sich das Erbe auf knapp 500k €. Das Geld habe ich bereits größtenteils in den A2PKXG gesteckt und fühle mich damit auch sehr wohl. Als Puffer habe ich auf dem Tagesgeld ein Brutto Jahresgehalt gelagert, da ich als Alleinverdiener für Frau und Kind sorge. Da ich als Alleinverdiener monatlich maximal um die 100€ in einen Sparplan stecken kann (Sparplan für Kind von 100€ ebenfalls), hatte ich jetzt überlegt, anstelle des A2PKXG andere Werte zu besparen. Warum? Das Depot hat aktuell ca. ~450k€ und gefühlt ändert sich durch einen sturen Sparplan daran auch nichts maßgeblich. Im Prinzip ist es ja auch schon Coast FIRE (M33).
Würde es sich hier vielleicht anbieten aufgrund der niedrigen Sparrate andere Werte zu besparen, die etwas riskanter sind, größeren Schwankungen unterliegen, allerdings eine Chance auf hohe Rendite bieten? Mir schwebte dort jetzt BTC, World Small Caps oder ein gehebelter MSCI USA ETF vor.
Sinnvoll oder sinnfrei? Einfach weiterhin den A2PKXG besparen? Wie gesagt, die monatlich 100€ sind bei dem Depotwert ein Tropfen auf den heißen Stein.
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2021.09.23 13:42 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 13:42 sansWhich_ Where can I play Web of Shadows?

I’m on a bit of a nostalgia trip and started replaying some older games, but never got to try out Web of Shadows.
I have been having a look online and couldn’t find anywhere besides eBay to buy the game and it’s quite expensive. So is the game easily accessible anywhere to download online for PC or even other places besides eBay or Amazon?
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2021.09.23 13:42 ollimollysolly It's true tho

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2021.09.23 13:42 Variation_Beautiful What business to do from home in hindi | घर बेठे कौनसा बिजनेस करे 2021

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2021.09.23 13:42 Phoenixturtle1 [Comedy, Talkshow] The Neighbors Upstairs | #78 - Norm Macdonald | Another pointless podcast | We discuss the passing of Norm Macdonald and his impact on comedy.

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2021.09.23 13:42 SOMETHING494 Fuuka stans Rise!

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2021.09.23 13:42 ragingfauxpas Oliver looks like such a little bean!!

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2021.09.23 13:42 Griffnelle The Dragalia Digest will be just under 20 minutes long

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2021.09.23 13:42 IMakeEverything #30 50 Days of rapiers at Baltimore Knife and Sword.

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2021.09.23 13:42 19dja_03 What if Bush didn't invade Iraq and instead remained focused on Afghanistan/defeating the Taliban and Al-Qaeda until at least 2004?

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2021.09.23 13:42 Tiago_Guerreiro Folha de S.Paulo - Polícia: Denúncia afasta chefe da Polícia Civil de GO - 15/01/98

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2021.09.23 13:42 conspiracythierry Franklin Graham Meets with President Trump Posts Viral Photo

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2021.09.23 13:42 CapitanNewaza 31 days

I feel so much better.
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2021.09.23 13:42 HugoZHackenbush2 I just got a phone call from the School, "your Son's been telling lies again" they said. " Well, tell him he's getting good at it" I replied, because..

..I don't have a Son.
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2021.09.23 13:42 Dtrinnie 👾 $BABYAXIE 👾 Stealth Launch 👾 Listed On PancakeSwap 👾 Liquidity locked

👾 $BABYAXIE 👾 Stealth Launch 👾 Listed On PancakeSwap 👾 Liquidity locked 

Welcome to 👾 $BABYAXIE 👾

👾Telegram :

👾 Buy :

👾 Contract : 0x4648181b4f9467b39d36b1ad9306d8d40131d857

TOKEN 👾 $BABYAXIE 👾 is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network.





📜 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:

- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch

- Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)

-Ownership Renounced

- Liquidity Locked 100%

- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

❤️ We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!

We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders..💸
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2021.09.23 13:42 movie_fans Blac Chyna New Trending Outfits 22nd September 2021 #Blacchyna

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2021.09.23 13:42 ReallyIntelligentAI A year of collecting

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